Study: Two-Thirds of Americans Losing Sleep Over Distrust of Government

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Published on Nov 1, 2017

This is one of the major reasons why government is pooping their pants right now. People are pissed and scared at what’s happening with our government and how it see and treats the People it is supposed to serve. Now, do you understand why there is such a push to monitor your social media posts and emails and purchases? They know that the People are on a hair trigger right now and they don’t know what to do…..…

15 thoughts on “Study: Two-Thirds of Americans Losing Sleep Over Distrust of Government

  1. Well the only good thing about losing sleep over the circus animals that call themselves government is your less likely to get caught slipping when they kick in your door!

  2. They enjoyed complete control of the narrative since radio and TV were invented. Then the internet came along. The difference between the three. People tended to accept the cosy narrative coming out the first two. The third, you get to question and read the questions of others to what’s being passed along as ‘Notable Events Weather & Sports’. Times are a changing. As for losing sleep. Only when I remind myself that once upon time I believed their horse$hit. Whole heartily. It’s definitely an irritating thing to think about. I hate liars….

    1. “Then the internet came along.”

      It wasn’t designed for ‘programming’ like the other 2 were.

      Much to their chagrin. 🙂

  3. Being in the neck of the woods I’m in causes me to only lose sleep when:
    1. I hear javelinas invading our garden
    2. I hear burros knocking over our water buckets
    3. I hear the canyon “eep-eep” wren “eep-eeping” trying to get out of our house.
    4. my husband’s snoring
    5. trying to figure out what to write in my forthcoming novel…
    6. a telemarketer calls at 3 am

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