Subway Sued For Conning Customers

Published on Jan 25, 2013 by NTDTV

Global sandwich giant Subway sued for conning customers with false advertising.

Full Story:

A consumer in the United States has filed a lawsuit against Subway, accusing the company of false advertising.

Ngyuen Buren from Chicago measured his “footlong” sandwich, and found it only 11 inches rather than 12.

Mr Buren says it is like paying for a dozen eggs, and only receiving eleven.
And the problem is not just restricted to the United States.

Matt Corby from Australia posted an image online of his under-sized Subway sarnie, and it has already received 100,000 views.

It is thought that some disgruntled consumers are looking to claim millions of dollars in compensation from the global sandwich giant.

Subway say they will work harder to ensure all their sandwiches worldwide are the correct size as advertised.

The verdict on the lawsuit has not yet been decided.

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