9 thoughts on “Super Cat

  1. I used tohate cats, but these last 10 years or so actually kind of like those cats.
    yep, this is one smart/lucky kitty for sure 😉

  2. Nice FX and editing job…

    Yes, it would look that way. But it’s not.
    Why have high voltage wiring on the roof of a van (aka RV) under a ladder? Why have butane (or propane) on the roof?

    Nice try, but no award. Makes for a nice FX clip. Bring the popcorn next time…

    1. Where do you think the wiring for over head lights is located? In the floor? Of course the butane lne would’t be in the roof. What about the stove exhause? Do you think heat sinks? Sorry, “Sorry,” Nice try. No award. Bring your own popcorn

  3. Cats are so cool. It takes a while to understand them but they can actually be affection and loyal companions. I’ve had my companion for 13 years now.
    . . .

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