‘Surge & Contain’ strategy by Ottawa police – Press Conference

Ottawa Police

Feb 4, 2022Ottawa Police Service Implements Increased Measures to Protect Downtown Neighbourhoods The Ottawa Police Service and its partners are implementing a surge and contain strategy in Ottawa’s downtown neighbourhoods to further protect neighbourhoods, restore order and prevent unlawful activity. In connection with ongoing demonstrations, Ottawa’s downtown residents and businesses continue to be severely impacted by unlawful acts, including harassment, mischief, hate crimes, and noise violations. We know that additional demonstrators are coming, and we are significantly increasing our policing resources to respond. To prevent and reduce the impacts of demonstrators entering the downtown core, and to improve neighbourhood safety, the Ottawa Police Service is implementing the following measures – effective immediately Major deployment of police officers in the downtown neighbourhoods: There will be approximately 150 additional uniformed and non-uniformed officers dedicated to only patrolling and addressing unlawful and threatening conduct in the most impacted neighbourhoods including Centretown, Sandy Hill, Lowertown and the Byward Market. This includes working with City and NCR officials to prevent unlawful and unsafe use of public space by demonstrators. Expand and harden the perimeter of the demonstration red zone: The Ottawa Police Service and the City of Ottawa will be utilizing concrete and heavy equipment barricades to create no-access roadways throughout the downtown core. The City of Ottawa will be releasing a map of impacted roads later today. Protestor vehicles will be directed to designated parking zones outside of the downtown core. Illegal parking by demonstrators will result in by-law enforcement, removal and impound. If necessary, interprovincial bridges, highway off-ramps and/or roads will be closed. Enforcement directives: The surge of police officers will result in enforcement to restore public safety. This includes increased investigation enforcement and charges for all criminal acts related to hate, harassment, assaults (including spitting), intimidation, and mischief. Enhanced intelligence operations and investigations: National, provincial and local intelligence agencies have increased efforts to identify and target protestors who are funding/supporting/enabling unlawful and harmful activity by protestors. Investigative evidence-gathering teams are collecting financial, digital, vehicle registration, driver identification, insurance status, and other related evidence that will be used in criminal prosecutions. Every unlawful act, including traffic violations, will be fully pursued regardless of origin. The primary focus of each of these measures will be on the unlawful behaviour connected to the ongoing demonstrations (including parallel and counter-demonstrations). We strongly urge all demonstrators and those engaging with demonstrators to act lawfully, peacefully and respectfully. The hatred, violence, and illegal acts that Ottawa residents and businesses have endured over the last week are unacceptable in any circumstance. The Ottawa Police Service and the City of Ottawa are bringing significantly greater resources to restore order, hold offenders to account and protect our neighbourhoods. The current occupation of the Parliamentary Precinct remains unresolved despite significant success in reducing the number of trucks/demonstrators while preventing riots, injuries and death. We take no solace in these operational successes. The demonstrators in this red zone area remain highly organized, well-funded, and extremely committed to resisting efforts to end the demonstration safely. This remains a very volatile and very dangerous demonstration. The Ottawa Police Service continues to work with the national security agencies, the RCMP, the OPP and other police agencies. We are also working with all three levels of government, to affect a safe, timely and lawful end to this unlawful and unacceptably dangerous demonstration. Public safety remains paramount as does our commitment to work with all levels of government and all parts of civil society to bring this demonstration to an end.

28 thoughts on “‘Surge & Contain’ strategy by Ottawa police – Press Conference

  1. Pigs, you’re all the same the world over!! No doubt, you’ve got some paid agitators among your pig ranks; probably some FBI, too!
    Canadians, keep standing your ground, and bring out the big guns.

  2. And so the crackdown begins with a divide and conquer strategy and non-uniformed (aka agent provocateurs/counter-intel units) police.

  3. Scripted questions and scripted answers. No alternative media present. Ha!! And concerning Canadian police and military this could be the moment we’ll see who’s standin’ where.


    1. And they’re donating it to “charities”. We all know what “charities” are. You know, “philanthropy”. shylocks who use it for money laundering, tax evasion and deceiving idiots who believe in their “good intentions”.

  4. Watching how this is happening, I’m really thankful I found you all here. Divide and conquer. I hope the truckers were smart enough to see this coming. They have to be. Although the donations at their new donation platform, givesendgo, are now doubling, it will get really messy for gofundme. The truckers will double their money, but will be even more heavily smeared by msm for using a platform that supports ” terrorist” groups. Is Proud Boys a terrorist group?

    1. I would love to see some huge and heavy cement trucks crash through the walls of the Ministry of Health offices, grab the bitches who have been doing this shit to us, by the hair, drag them out and hoist them up on the crane trucks after a quick and lawful trial, for a speedy hanging, and drive those crane trucks through town, and maybe even all the way to Ottawa.

  5. Watching this video I see Blackwater Canada. I see mercenaries. I see military insignia. And I see three people who are in charge come to speak at length on the mic. I hear no Canadian accent.
    These people are the equivalent of East German Stasi.
    Let’s see how much footage comes out of Canada showing the conflict there, well I’m sure we’ll only see one side of it.
    The protesters’ money has been stolen and it seems their movement has been hijacked by the masons. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    1. Henry, you see it as it is. One sided. All the real news that is coming out of Ottawa is being seen only by the “fringe”, who use uncensored social media platforms. Our RCMP forces are divided. Some of our public servants who swore to uphold their oath to serve and protect us under the Law, are bringing forth the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and upholding it. Same with our military. Some are with us under the Law, while Blackwater Canada pretends they are our public servants. What I see coming to Toronto is heavy infiltration of antifa who will pretend to be our truckers and who will be allowed to harm innocent civilians, which will completely discredit what has been achieved so far. The lies I am hearing are so cringy that I can barely tolerate listening! And yes, the movement HAS been hijackedby the Masons. Kelly Anne Wolfe has sent out an urgent call for the truckers to return to their places in Ottawa and to stay there. This move to Toronto is leading the movement into a trap.

  6. Having only read the article yesterday,
    I listened to the video this morning
    What a plastic programmed piece of shi!t robot!
    I’d have a shot when that fkers circuits fail!

    1. Hahaha Hal Apeeno. Hey! Maybe there is someone on the “fringe” with the skill set to remotely short-circuit, re-program and re-boot that robot, get it to go into Henry mode and read Tench Cox and the 2nd Article of the American Bill of Rights out loud.

  7. Concerning supplies, we know there will be suffering ahead as the uprisings progress, and I don’t want to see anyone not get their food or medicine, but that will most likely happen for a while. And with the convoy there’s that questionable leadership, and infiltration, and those money matters, so it got me wondering…

    Would all this have had a more successful/effective outcome had the truckers instead of a convoy to a certain destination, decidedly stayed put in their homes or in whatever location they chose? Just a refusal to drive anywhere to deliver anything. Either way, supply chain is interrupted, but with the standing-still option they could have given themselves an advantage in that the FALSE PTB can’t go to tens of thousands of locations to cite, fine, or arrest them.

    Convoy outcome still uncertain. What fruit will it bear? Will they get the mandates dropped and put a dent in tyranny? I’m trying to use this whole convoy thing as a learning experience to understand what failed and what could have been done better. So many angles to consider.


  8. What seems to have worked is seeing the people on the over passes and on the highways, just now, waking up. Although they support the movement, most of them are still so groggy that they still have no clue as to how ruthless the enemy really is. When things get really bad, they will either go back to sleep and suck on the msm lies, or they will get to work to learn how devious the enemy really is, and prepare to do battle in a hard and nasty war. I am already divided from my new next door neighbours who drink the msm kool-aid. Can’t have an intelligent conversation with them about this, so already, the fruit is ripening on the vine. Damn it! Even if the mandates get dropped, if they do not go all the way and restore the Law, which the hijacked convoy, “Canada Unity” set out to do by bringing a Memo of Understanding to the Senate and to others, which they have done, and which implies due process and the right to the truth, which subjects the traitors to the appropriate penalty for their crimes, we will only have the illusion that justice has been done, when in reality, it has not, and it will not. The fruit will be that everyone who loves their enslavement will continue with it, the lying media will not go anywhere, and the people will continue being divided by the lies as the industries now employing slave labour immigrants will keep the upper hand and bring back the mandates any time they want to. Those who do business under the Law, will continue to be marginalized by those who continue to break it.

  9. Love how they wear their face masks until they get to the podium and then take them off to speak. This boggles my mind. They’re doing the Joe Biden way of wearing a mask. Dumbasses.

    1. Watched it all the way through to the question session. That’s all I could take. What a FFFFFFFFFF***ING LIAR! No words strong enough for this crusty old piece of commie crap. Down right disgusting!

  10. A true peoples critical mass “Protest” of any manner….Must completely shut down the system..!!!

    But again, to what ends,???

    So that all the criminal corporate Gov Paid willing soldier mouthpieces of the NWO can then “Stand Down”, and “Negotiate” or Give In”……Take a few Steps Backwards from the Thousand Miles they have achieved with their Plandemic BS….?????

    People everywhere had better get it in their fkn heads that there is NO Negotiation or Ultimatums for We the People to Give them…. They MUST ALL GO; Most of them, Eliminated, Hung or sent swimming as Henry states….for even their simplest violations of our Laws….! and this can’t be achieved peacefully……without a total shut down of all factions of our systems, then removing this criminal system and restoring our Republic, Common Law and the rights of the individual……..

    The Crimes are legion….The MSM Media are more guilty than most…..The Corporations at massive levels (Pharma, Finance, Farming, B.A.R, Governors, Mayors, City Councils, D.O.Healths……. et al) whom are profiting from all forms of tyranny, Masks, License plates, Permits, hand fkn sanitizers…on and on…. the corruption and evil is so pervasive it needs to be rooted out in depth, so many things getting put in the memory hole….Sandy Hoax, 911, Waco on and on……

    A Thousand reasons to be shooting these scumbags and their enforcers at every level…..it must come down to the armed, violent response of us as individuals as they attempt to suppress us under color of laws…and as we all watch this amazing show of power by the Canuck Truckers and others…..We are also seeing many Countries Stepping Back and eliminating these totally unlawful “Pandemic Mandates”…

    We have England, who was/is among the worst, eliminating all such and referring it to “Businesses” to continue with any such mandates…..Very Interesting, isn’t it? Without Gov….Enforcement of these Sick mandates, the Biz will be Out of Biz… and they know it….or do they think the people (At least in UK) have already been dog trained enough?

    Why are they Suddenly Backing up on this shit, is it because of the Overwhelming Data and results coming to light on all this shit, I mean really, there are many, many Doctors and others trying to disseminate the info to the dumbed down masses and there is so much coming out, The Fake PCR (We knew from Day one), The Endless in our face lies by DOH, CDC, WHO and regurgitated daily by their CIA Press……I heard some are going after these “Representatives” Bonds they sit on…..and their violations of those Oaths they do take…..OR…

    Maybe just the fact that Guns and Ammo are flying off the shelves at record paces, Wonder what percent of these “New Gun Owners” will just Hand them over when they try to Ban our freedom tools..?

    All in all, Nice to see attempts by these Truckers to shut down the system…..but REALLY, All they are ASKING for is their Gov Masters to rescind the “MANDATES” so they can GET BACK to their “Normal” lives and MAKING MONEY…

    Fk it….DTTNWO Eternal…..and All whom Support or enforce it….. Yeah cops, that means you…….! You have all signed on to an unwinnable agenda, and you will be used as the fodder they intend you for…! Pick up The B.O.R’s while you still can, and ask yourself, if that is the thing you are Serving and Protecting, if Not, you have been and are a Criminal under the law.

    1. Wowwww! Norm! I am so glad to be able to be here to learn from the tried and true, beautiful and brave American Patriots like you! Soooo well written! I feel like I am being baptized in the True American spirit when I come here to learn from all of the Trenchers. My home away from home. Lots and lots of love . I found this epic rant by one of the truckers and just had to share it here. He calls it a revolution, and maybe for us Canooks, it is. Although our law is based on the American B.o.R., it isn’t exactly the same…

      1. Thanks Diana. Glad you found The Trench. I like the horn-blowing. While really disturbing the peace, it’s sounding a global alarm. It must feel odd and frustrating for many there to be unarmed, so they are trying very original and sometimes effective strategies. From so much broad coverage on mostly alternative sites, I’m not hearing much about the actual physical fight ahead concerning arming themselves in whatever way possible. So their fight still remains undefined.

        Like Henry says, “It’s liberty before life.” It takes that commitment, to be willing to die for the cause. I’m thinking of a line from that famous Robert Burns poem: “The best laid schemes of mice and men.” The times are revealing who’s who. And every day, I look in the mirror and tell myself: “You have it in you.” Twenty years ago I did not know that life would call upon me this way. Again quoting Henry: “You gotta get your mind right.” The importance and urgency of that cannot be over emphasized.


        1. Galen, you know, what getting my mind right comes down to is the critical ability to follow my instincts that tell me something about this reality I find myself in is just not right, and searching the hidden and forbidden world that has been pulled down over my eyes so I could not see into it. The scales started falling away from my own eyes in 2013 when I attended a Canadian First Nations Unity Walk at the Ambassador Bridge protesting the removal of protections of our clean water resources. I live on the border overlooking Detroit, so I am an Americanized Canadian.

          That same year I came across a really well researched documentary called “Oh! Canada! Our Bought and Sold Out Land.” Things just opened up more and more from there, as I dove into one rabbit hole after another, learning about the banking cartel, both sides of the bankers’ wars, and even the American Indian Movement led by John Trudell. Somwhere along the way, I came to Wardo, who is the one who linked me to the Trenches. When I heard Henry for the first time on May 30, 2019, my ears were opened and I have not missed a broadcast since.

          What I learned about where my mind needs to be is that a law was written by some of the best human beings in the history of humanity which, when not only followed and obeyed, but enforced, is all I need to know, about who I really am as a sovereign, free individual in an enslaved world. It is a slow process to develop that mindset, but well worth slogging through the gut-wrenching truth docs which have been the foundation upon which everything I learn here, every day, makes perfect sense. I am not armed with guns, but I am self reliant. I grow my own food. I know how to stand in my power as a free individual, and thanks to Henry, God love the man for his ability to rant it all out so well, I have a growing arsenal of all the best fighting words I have ever heard. This is the link to that documentary. The kid who made it, is brilliant. The PM Martin, who he interviewed, lived in my home town! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UbACCGf6q-c

          An interesting piece of info which I picked up from a speech given by an Indigenous clan mother on the first day of speeches in Ottawa last week is that the Government of Canada operates as a corporation under a number assigned to it by the treasonous US Corporation! That was a big, “it all makes sense now,” WOW!!! for me!

          1. Thanks, Diana. I will check out the documentary. And I appreciate your story. Good thing there are more ways than one to arm oneself, and that as individuals, we come to this in a multiple of ways.

            For me, getting my mind right was/is about summoning the resolve to be willing to kill evil at whichever instance reveals itself to be my moment. To not shrink, but fully follow-through with that resolve, not just in self-defence, but in protecting loved ones and restoring our life-given right to freedom and self-determinism. It was no easy shift for me to come from non-violence to NECESSARY violence. But today, that is in my heart and mind. It’s like a warrior grows up, matures, and understands what’s needed.


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