6 thoughts on “TED CRUZ Hammers Mark Zuckerberg on Censorship of Conservative Speech

  1. This “grilling” of a nothing burger reveals what a dog and pony show of controlled opposition they are all engaged in. Nothing questioned is of any damage to its-notreal or jooish communism that has pervaded our Nation. I just wanna smack the ashke-NAZI haircut off that joo boy sugartown.

  2. Ted Cruz…

    Didn’t he just do a school shooting..?

    Senator Cruz chastised Facebook. ..

    In old school playground childish tattle tale fashion.

    Suggesting that Mark change the “z” in his last name to an “f”.

  3. The people questioning MZ don’t even come up to half of Mark’s intelligence on the subject they are questioning him on
    They don’t even know the right and critical questions to even be asking him

  4. Agreed Enemy, but what struck me was what a little immature, smarmy, sleazeball Zuckerburg is. I simply cannot stand him.

    1. yeah… he shovels BS and evades all questions in the Jew lawyer tradition, and I’m sure he was coached by a team of them before this interview.

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