The American People vs the International Elite

The people’s assault on the propaganda machine via the internet is showing an effect as the coalition between the false left and false right is falling apart.  If you study the propaganda you will notice it is designed to deliver the illusion of adversity, while at optimum times, inserting agreement on specific issues to be pushed through.

Take jobs for instance.  We can all agree that we are losing jobs and need them back desperately.  On the other hand, the power elite are intent on continuing their total destruction of the United States, which requires the further elimination of jobs.  For four years now, jobs, jobs, jobs, that is the main issue, so if it is the intent of all of us, rich, middle class, and poor, to rejuvenate jobs, what is the problem?  Well, we just can’t agree on how to do it.

The false right wants to rejuvenate jobs by cutting taxes on the rich elite and through deregulation of the banking system.  But wait a minute.  Was this not what George Bush and company did for eight years that led up to the bursting of the proverbial housing bubble and hence the moving of our industry out of our country through NAFTA and GATT to bolster profits for the rich and the loss of jobs, jobs, jobs?

The false left wants to rejuvenate jobs by financing the building of more industry in every other country but the United States.  Is this not what has caused the continuing export of our jobs for the past four years and the loss of jobs, jobs, jobs?

So, realistically, both sides of the false left-right paradigm want to create jobs by further eliminating jobs.  The international elite and their one world order are falling apart.  The elite are so desperate to institute the new system to benefit different factions that they can no longer coordinate their lies.  This, as the American people are arming themselves as there is no longer any doubt among the majority that it is either fight or be enslaved.

Just last week, both Obama and Romney declared that further gun control was not necessary in the US.  This week new legislation to ban high capacity clips and online ammunition sales appears.  Romney, the Massachusetts gun grabber, has not yet had a chance to flip flop, but of course he will.  (He has been busy kissing Netanyahu’s backside.)

I don’t think the main issue here is jobs, jobs, jobs anymore.  I think the main issue is how do the elite disarm we the American people before we wipe them out.  You can see that our enemies are in a great rush and are looking ridiculous as they try appearing to oppose one another while rushing to the same goal in a hurry.

The so called conservatives are pushing for gun control with all the zeal of the left wing communists, while still trying to pretend that there is some kind of difference.

We are closing in on the 20th of August and the GOP Convention and it is being reported that armed troops are bound for Tampa in order to put down any unrest.  The establishment Republicans has openly disenfranchised a majority that wants Ron Paul as the next president.  It is coming to a showdown.  The elite are going to attempt to dictate that Mitt Romney will be the candidate.  This is not just another sneaky backroom deal, but rather open tyranny.

I think we all know that we just can’t go on like this any longer as the situation has become unattainable.  The game is simple, numbers verses wealth.  Our enemies have employed mercenaries to bring us into submission.  We have armed to the teeth and are prepared to defend our homes and hearths.  We must not waver.  Our numbers are more than sufficient for the task at hand and the harder we hit our enemies right out the gate, the shorter this conflict will be and the less of us that will have to die.

In the end, we will destroy our enemies, but we do have to fight the fight.  So get ready and if you are going to Tampa, even with a peaceful attitude, if you are smart you will be armed and prepared to defend your life.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

3 thoughts on “The American People vs the International Elite

  1. The title should be All People v’s the International Elite.

    I attended the opening ceremony of the London Olympics at the invitation of my daughter. The first thing that strikes fear and control is the Olympic Logo 2012 graphics which read ZION.

    The second thing apart from the military presence (which was relaxed) and the permanent helicopters are the PYRAMID Nazi Lighting Towers which are dominant and downright spooky, like the ALL SEEING EYE.

    The event was CONTROLLED the people of the world were allowed absolutely spectacular Bread and Circuses but the mark of ZION and The All Seeing Eye were always prominent.

    I have said before that each of us lives within a circle, those more conscious live in a much larger circle than those that prefer just to blindly accept the status quo. The circle that encompasses humanity is zionist control.

    The only thing we can practically do is try to not play their game, if we do not use their banks, if we do not read their newspapers, do not watch their Big Brother Corporation(BBC) CNN, NBC tv. Eat only non genetically modified foods, buy nothing from Israel. Enough of us opting out of their system is absolutely vital as it lessens their power.

    Should their monetary system based on debt illusion and usury collapse then we will be stronger as we will insist on having real wealth (constitutional gold and silver) for money rather than zionist unbacked paper.

    Pray that Tampa will give the presidential candidate that is not a zionist puppet.

  2. It still amazes me how many people don’t see the false left false right paradigm. A Republican meat puppet is put in the White House and spends eight years passing all kinds on unconstitutional laws which anger the people. Then a Democrat meat puppet is put in the White House (by the same people who installed the Republican one!) and he spends four years making the same laws even worse while adding his own executive orders. Does anyone think that the same won’t happen should Mitt the twit Romney be elected?!? This month, it’s Ron Paul or nothing!

    1. I certainly hope that “the people” are able to bring Ron Paul to the nomination…and if that happens…I certainly hope Ron Paul is the man he’s claimed to be for the past three decades…and if that is so… pray for the man’s safety…and that of his running-mate…(hopefully Judge Nap…..)


      RJ O’Guillory
      Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

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