5 thoughts on “The Anti-Federalist Papers

  1. I have a copy, Amicus (thanks, Mary!). I read only a bit at a time. Much to take in. But mostly I am glad to have it because I know it contains the aspirations of those who refused to sell out, refused to sell out liberty. They fought hard as did the ones who took up arms and risked everything. Oh that I could retain all the names and all the details. No, I cannot. But I do know I am in their debt and I am obligated to do what I can to get out from under the tyranny. I am grateful that I can keep learning here, from Henry and others. And I am grateful that The Bill of Rights exists as one of the purest bodies of words. I read it and I know the walls are illusions, even though they can kill. I read it and understand my freedom. And the funny thing is, every time I read it, I get not only deeper understanding but also renewed commitment. In that sense it is an inspired document.

    Guess what? I just played a little game I often play where I pick up a book and spin it around, open it anywhere and place my finger on a certain spot. This I usually take to hold some kind of meaning for me. So I just picked up The Anti-Federalist Papers and opened to this from #74 by PHILAEDLPHIENESIS, 1788:

    “The President-general, who is to be our king after this government is established, is vested with powers exceeding those of the most despotic monarch we know of in modern times. What a handsome return have these men (the authors of The Constitution) made to the people of America for their confidence! Through the misconduct of these bold conspirators we have lost the most glorious opportunity that any country ever had to establish a free system of government.”

    Wow!! And it’s where we are right now, with King Bibi, though seemingly more stealth and cunning.

    Thanks for the reminder to check in with these “Papers.” They are on fire.


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