The Best Marijuana Strains for Depression

Smell the Truth – by David Downs

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are using medical marijuana to treat symptoms of depression each day, but the search for the right strain is often a very personal one.

Cell and animal studies, as well as limited human studies and countless anecdotal reports, show the molecules in cannabis can interact with the human nervous system to cause feelings of well-being.  

Since cannabis reproduces sexually, breeders have created hundreds of varieties, called strains, and exactly which strains are best for depression requires human clinical trials impossible under current federal policy. But the U.S.’ 2.2 million medical pot patients are conducting trials of their own and sharing the info among allies, collectives, budtenders and on sites such as

Below, Smell the Truth presents some of the best strains for depression, as reported by patients.

Amnesia Haze: Pot comes in two main varieties — more sedative indicas, and more energetic sativas. Sativas are broadly recommend for depression symptoms, as they can cause euphoria, though every patient is different. Amnesia Haze is an 80-20 sativa-dominant hybrid that’s won 16 Cannabis Cups. It’s a mix of sativas from Jamaica, Laos, and Hawaii, with some Afghani. Breeders report a fresh, fruity flavor and head high that can break up negative thought patterns.

Lamb’s Bread: A Jamaican sativa reportedly beloved by Bob Marley, and noted for its energy and positive introspection. Smells grassy and sweet.

Green Crack (Green Dragon): Allegedly named by Snoop Dogg, this popular SoCal sativa is in the process of being re-branded Green Dragon. Patients report a short, spacey cerebral effect that provides creative energy and no fatigue.

Sour Diesel: A more sativa-dominant version of Chemdawg, popularized on the East Coast. Noted for its massive smell and flavor of lemon-fuel and pine, and very high THC content. Probably the most popular of the bunch.

Sweet Island Skunk: What can be more uplifting than island life? Sweet Island Skunk – or Island Sweet Skunk – is one of the fruitiest, most tropical, pungent strains around. A 70 percent sativa blend of Skunk #1 (Mexico, Colombia, Afghanistan) and an unknown strain.

Super Lemon Haze: Another award-winning sativa based off the primal stock known as Haze. Very cirtusy, and lemony with haze’s grassy background. Reminds people of lemon, lime and pink grapefruit with a “very strong head high”.

Juicy Fruit: A very common hybrid patients report can treat depression. Sweet-smelling, Thai in origin. Smells like fruit punch with a pretty flat taste. Patients report feeling energetic and chatty.

Cherry AK47: Another unfortunately named, wildly popular and effective sativa – AK-47 crosses sativas from Colombia, Mexico and Thailand with a little bit of Indica from Afghanistan. The Cherry sub-strain is even more fruity and sweet.

Jack Herer: A Cup-winning, sativa concoction from the Netherlands that smells like sugar and pine. Combines Haze, Northern Lights #5, and Skunk #1.

Trainwreck: A mythic sativa from Arcata, CA. that’s big in Northern California. No one knows what’s in it, other than that it’s mostly sativa by its look, growth and energetic, euphoric effects. Use it to clean your house.

Super Silver Haze: Multiple generations of Haze cross and re-cross with some NL#5 and Skunk #1 to form this very popular, sweet, spicy and earthy sativa. Patients report mostly uplifting, psychedelic effects. Great for a long walk.

12 thoughts on “The Best Marijuana Strains for Depression

  1. I can’t believe they don’t list the Durban Poison. Named after the South African port city of the same name where its genetics originated, Durban Poison is a popular pure Sativa. Durban Poison is one of the few pure Sativas available today with almost all modern day strains being crossed with Indica. It smells dank as hell with a taste that can only be described as refreshing. The high it produces is one of mindblowing revelation coupled with cosmic understanding and infinite patience for your fellow man. Nothing, however beats the morning cheese!

  2. Im a Kush fan my self. Its indica dominant. Very mellow body high and good for my joint(no puns) pain. I call it a sleepy time weed. If you need motivation the Jack Herer mixed with Black is nice too.
    Not that I have ever broke the law by growing transporting or possessing it…

  3. “Sour Diesel: A more sativa-dominant version of Chemdawg, popularized on the East Coast. Noted for its massive smell and flavor of lemon-fuel and pine, and very high THC content. Probably the most popular of the bunch.”

    My # 1 choice, absolutely love the taste (and smell). Had it steady for quite a while at a family discount back when my brother used to grow it.

    Another sativa that really rocks is Mango Crack.

    However, I’m back on the wagon again, so I shouldn’t even be reading this article, since some of these strains I’ve never heard of, and I really don’t need the temptation.

    You’re a BAD influence, digger. LOL 😆

    1. Yes #1 I know I do not mean to be though 😆 yea, I know that I am terrible 😉 . I just wish i had some decent seeds or to be able to afford some of those nuggets. Way too expensive for my budget though. The price is not even considered. Wish I could trust these seed banks. Know of any good ones that are within our borders? I do not want to order from canada or outside of our borders ya know, customs and all.

      1. That’s something I’ve never really looked into, digger, but I just showed a friend of mine here the article, and your question, and he said you pay a dollar a seed for high quality strains at the shops here.

        Back in a while, time to get some dinner. 🙂

        1. Thanks #1. Wish I was closer, I would pick some up. They do not sell seeds here in ” cheese head country” Wi. ya know 🙁
          Any way see ya tomorrow bro. Nite

          1. I have only pick up my seeds but I can say these guys are outlaws who have a legal business. If you dont have a medicinal license Im not sure if they will mail them to you.

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