The BS Mainstream and the Lull before the Storm

Mainstream propaganda has jettisoned back into the idiocy in an attempt to pull our minds away from the treachery of a fraudulent election and its end result, the status quo theft of America into the future.  We are going on five years now of “We need to address the problem of jobs” and rather than hear an opposing view from either side of the false left-right paradigm, both are quite content to allow the lie of a 7.9% unemployment rate to stand.

We have gone over this many times but in the interest of keeping the record straight, we continue to lose more net jobs in America, day by day, through NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT.  Those of us still working continue to pay cash to international corporations based in the United States to move the jobs of our brothers and sisters out of this country.

It is truly amazing to watch these meat puppets regurgitate the same old lies, over and over again.  They have to know that no one believes a damn word they are saying, and when those still employed receive their next paycheck and see the raise in their taxes, the anger is only going to build toward them for what now can only be described as 110% state sponsored propaganda.

What they are putting out is truly hard to watch.  Is Hillary Clinton faking her injury to avoid testifying on Benghazi and will she be hurt by these allegations when she runs for president in 2016?  What goddamn planet are these people living on?  Nero fiddled as Rome burned, but I guess at least he was enjoying the tune.

Illinois Senate President John Cullerton introduced a total weapons ban for the entire state of Illinois.  If passed, this act is going to lead to hostilities.  And the big story in the mainstream is John Boehner’s about face in scheduling a vote on aid for Superstorm Sandy victims.

These mainstream propagandists are treasonous to a fault and their arrogance in thinking they are going to be insulated from the mayhem they are helping to unleash is dumbfounding.  I hope I am around to watch these parasites grovel and cry and piss themselves as they are brought to punishment for their crimes.

By the way, Hillary Clinton will not be president in 2016 as she will be on the run, an international criminal living in spider holes by then.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

5 thoughts on “The BS Mainstream and the Lull before the Storm

  1. “By the way, Hillary Clinton will not be president in 2016 as she will be on the run, an international criminal living in spider holes by then.”

    I really doubt this situation will linger long enough for the 2016 “election” *cough-fraud-cough* to arrive. Besides, a “Chris ‘the whale’ Christie vs Hillary ‘the hutt’ Clinton” is both terrifying and laughable at best.

  2. The awaken will always remember while the sheeple will definitely forget all about Clinton and her Benghazi issue by the time 2016 occurs. And even if everyone remembers, that won’t stop the Zionists from putting her in power if they want to. Same old song and dance until we overthrow those treasonous/foreign sons of bitches from Congress and the White House.

    If we even have or reach to a 2016 presidential election, I’d be surprised. Don’t forget Joe “Blow” Biden has been practically guaranteeing himself to be the next president to other members of Congress as of late, so Hitlery may not have a chance, even then.

    This country is a complete mess and is in a desperate need of a complete overhaul. When will the physical revolution start? UGH!

  3. If you own an AR chambered in 556 get all the steel core you can find and get it fast. Those light 55 grain projectiles do not hold up well against barriers and car windows.

    I know I am preaching to the choir on this one.

  4. Yes, when MSM is censored and when they always sugar coat the news all the time, how can anyone trust what they have to report to the ones that actualy watch and believe what the media reports.

  5. It’s all a fraud. The “War on Drugs” – a FRAUD. (The OSS/CIA was created by the ‘Old Boys’, Central Bankers, and the ‘Old Boys’ LAUNDER the profits from the CIA controlled global drug trade, in their offshore banking facilities). The “War on Terror” – a fraud. (Again, the Central Banker created CIA, in turn, created ‘Al-Qaeda’ as the bogey-man du jour, in the newly created “war on terror”, to scare up more funding for bogus agencies like DHS and TSA, and take not only more of Americans’ money, but also their GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS! The FBI just finds, then sets up “terrorist” patsies, with bombs and plans, then, right at the last minute foils the plans, and uses the patsy for more MSM (Main Stream Media) propaganda for the “war on terror”). ‘AGW’ or ‘global warming’ – a FRAUD. Look, in the 1970’s Scientists were saying we are heading for a NEW ICE AGE! C’mon folks, seriously, wake the F#@$ up!

    Look, the Central Banker orchestrated economic collapse now unfolding, and the ‘austerity’ that is to come, are the PRIMARY reason, why the Obama Administration is ramping up its push for “gun control”. They KNOW they need to disarm the public, if they are to be successful, at 1) Completely collapsing the U.S. Economy, with no criminal prosecutions, 2) Imposing “austerity” measures (more fraudulent debt) on the backs of the American public, 3) Surviving the coming collapse themselves, with assets intact, and 4) Coming out the other side of the collapse, smelling like a rose, with assets intact, no criminal prosecutions, and STILL IN CONTROL!

    The ONLY GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS they can “take” away from you, are those YOU FAIL TO EXERCISE! Exercise them well!


    An Open Letter to Members of Congress…


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