The Corruption And Lies Of Progressives

The Corruption And Lies Of Progressives.Militia News

Progressives are the ones who leaped us into a “war to end all wars,” the end of which brought about the rise of Adolf Hitler. Progressives are responsible for this country having ever been segregated. Progressives are the ones who created the idea of an American Empire, and later a global authority that is referred to as the New World Order, but we know it as the United Nations. Progressives caused every economic collapse the United States has ever seen from 1920 to 2010. Progressives broke the back of the US automakers, and created our dependence on foreign oil.  

Progressives think that they are the ones with the answers, and they are. It’s just that the answers that they have are all wrong. Progressives believe in the concept of “too big to fail” in a country that has always celebrated the little guy, the underdog.

Progressives believe that the planetary climate is changing because of mankind’s activity despite all of the evidence to the contrary. Progressives believe that life is not a competition when it comes to success, which is precisely why they always try to lock people into their political or demographic classes. Progressives believe that government and men can give rights when those rights are granted to each of us at birth by God.

Progressives are Godless, and they are Soulless. Most of all, they are hypocrites. For a Progressive, any law to control people is okay, so long as it doesn’t apply to them. For a Progressive, it is better to live in safety as a slave than to live in danger with Liberty. Progressives feel they are entitled to all of the best that life has to offer whether or not they contribute to their own success. Progressives are the cancer, the plague that will eventually destroy mankind and any remote concept of Freedom.

Progressives don’t believe in the American Dream because they have never lived a life without it. To quote Eddie Murphy from the movie A Vampire in Brooklyn, “If every day is a sunny day, then what’s a sunny day?” American Progressives have no understanding of the sacrifices that the men and women of previous generations have made so these spoiled little brats could live in the decadence that they live in, and since only 2 million of them will ever have served in the military in war, most of them never will.

We see the sorry state of affairs most of the rest of the world is in. We know what it is that makes their people suffer. Every nation in abject poverty has this in common: No Liberty. They are not permitted the right to disagree with the people in power. You want examples? Iran and Venezuela for starters. In fact, add the whole Middle East. Add to that China, the strangest anomaly ever. There is capitalism in China, but only at the State level. Their people suffer tremendously, but seem to have embraced their lot in life. At least, if you believe MSNBC, then they have.

Progressivism is just another word for Avarice. It is the unbridled desire for power and wealth at the expense of others. Progressivism is exactly what Progressives accuse Capitalism of being: Greed. In fact, it is worse, because Progressivism is also Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Sloth, Wrath and Vanity.

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