The Death Camps to Come

WHEN JEWS RULE THE EARTH WHO WILL THE DEATH CAMPS BE FOR? (Click to expand)Via a suggestion by Frank from Florida

Veterans Today – by Ellie Katsnelson

A good Israeli friend of mine recently suggested to me that I should occupy my time in writing about the dark clouds of terror that are about  to descend upon America.

Not knowing where to begin, I thought I should start at that turning point in the coming age in America, namely, the herding of the masses, that is, you goyim, into concentration camps, colloquially known as FEMA.  

I asked myself: where exactly in the camps do I begin? Just before or just after their establishment? Knowing that my friend Aaron would not grant me the privilege of picking his superior Jewish brain, I decided I would have to rely completely on my own limited intellectual resources: that is, on my little womanly self, sometimes tender and cosmopolitan, at other times fiercely Jewish. And so I began the description of life in the camps right in the middle of it, after the camps had been established and running for some time.

I shall now speak of the future: a future in which a rusty Judaic dagger is stabbed into the  hearts of all genuine lovers of freedom. After all, dear friends, the future I am about to describe shall be nothing less than the soon-to-come JEWISH RULE OF AMERICA.

Thus forewarned, and the preamble no longer detaining us, let me begin my sad task of outlining in broad detail the coming doom of the American masses, many of them anti-Semites who certainly need to be taught a salutary lesson.


FIRST DAY IN THE FEMA CAMP “Our race is the Master race. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.” —  Menachem Begin, Israeli Prime Minister, (CLICK TO EXPAND)

And so, friends, here we now in the FEMA camp(pictured). Welcome to the  “charming” Communistic residences in which the inmates will be lulled into a state of semi-comatose stupor with the help of anti-depressant drugs, soothing muzac, and non-stop compulsory television in every room – smart TVs that will record all their conversations and spy on their most intimate moments.

Hope, that great deceiver, will be allowed you in the camps. But we Jews will never allow those hopes to develop into possibilities. We shall frustrate all efforts on your part to find a better future for yourself.

Beatings will be instituted, regular beatings to instil submission and maintain discipline. Spying will be encouraged. And every effort on the inmates’ part  to soften the severity of their lives or undermine our disciplinarian regime will result in swift and drastic punishment. Persistent offenders will be liquidated without mercy.

As time passes, most of the inmates will gradually get to love the camp and relish their daily humiliations in a masochistic kind of way, even missing the whip when it is applied insufficiently. And the camp in turn will love them back, rewarding informers and putting the cruelest  tyrants into positions of authority.

As in the outside world, so in the prison camps for the goyim, the most incompetent and corrupt human beings will be promoted to positions of power and will issue all the executive orders, while the best men and women  will be forced to bend the knee and obey.

The bully and the thug, the secret assassin, the sadist with a smile, these alone will be guaranteed high office in our New World Order.

KEEPING DISCIPLINE IN THE CAMPS The strong will rule and beat the weak into submission

The rays of the sun may afford warmth and the fragrant scent of a rose may even cause a lover to love the more, but nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! that you goyim do for us Jews shall ever cause us to feel for you.

Whilst the universal Creator may have forged the firmament and added life where no life lived before, He is yet to add the chambers of love and gratitude to our Jewish brain; for every single Jew, and here I include myself, EVERY SINGLE JEW WITHOUT EXCEPTION carries within himself such a chamberless brain — devoid of love, of nobility, of altruism, of idealism.

Oh, if only you knew us! Evil, evil Jews! Evil beyond redemption, sparks in the raging furnace of Satan’s brain.

As in the Soviet Union after the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, when Jews came into absolute power under Lenin and Stalin, anti-Semitism will be the ultimate crime in our new world order.

Anyone caught reading the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in our brave new dystopia under Jewry will be put to death.

Indeed, those who criticize Israel in the slightest way or make disparaging remarks about Jews—referring disrespectfully to the Jewish nose, for example—will be dealt with in the FEMA camps with particular severity. Their mouths will be clamped in irons (see header picture above) or—WARNING! DO NOT LOOK AT THESE PICTURES IF YOU HAVE A DELICATE STOMACH!—their cheeks and tongues will be pierced with metal prongs, or pins and needles and barbed wire will be utilized to stitch up their lips.

In this way, and by other methods even more ingenious, the goyim will be soon learn the virtues of political correctness and the difficult art of keeping their mouths shut.


As you become inured to life in the camps, outside each and every enclosure there shall come into existence sights so horrific and strange as to make you wonder whether  there is any point in continuing to live.

Dug in a perfect straight line and stretching as far as the horizon permits, cold, black, mass graves will hungrily await all those whom we, the Jews, have deemed worthy of a bullet, that is, you goyim. The ”deposits”—for such will be your new designation and not “victims”—the deposits shall arrive in the dead of night and in trucks, a là Cheka: black trucks, unnumbered trucks, trucks carrying no sign.

On the side of each such truck, a giant tray shall appear with a conveyor belt attached, carrying dead American bodies in endless lines: the bodies of infants  who had just learned how to breathe, of little children who had just learned how to walk and skip, of gorgeous young girls and dashing young men in the sappy spring of their lives. The light in their eyes will be dead now, and the smiles on their lips will be frozen.

Slowly and mechanically, without a trace of human feeling, these bodies—and some will be still alive!—will be dumped into the ditch below, there to molder and feed the worms.


The trucks will then return in melancholy procession to the morgues of the city, the City of Dreadful Night that stretches all across the wastelands of neon America . . . like the mournful cemeteries of Time lost in the twinkling mists of Eternity.

At the point where the trucks of death have begun rolling, a Jew will watch. With his arms crossed and his vulturine eyes firmly fixed on the inhuman task being carried out in front of him, the coldhearted Jew will exhibit his approval or disapproval with a curt nod or shake of his head . . .  as the steel juggernauts move back and forth with their cargo of human cadavers.

PIT DIGGER (Click to expand)

With the exception of the Jews, the zombie-like American drivers in the death trucks, and the drugged-up pit diggers (pictured), no one will have witnessed the silent genocide being carried out against the goyim.

Every trace of our crimes will be erased.

For we are naturally anxious to avoid the embarrassing slip-ups of the past, where our hidden hand was unfortunately revealed: such as the Lavon affair, the USS Liberty incident, and, alas, our most catastrophic botched operation to date, the false flag attack on America on September 11, 2001.

Here, I confess, we were almost caught  with our hands in the cookie jar!

To be sure, we would have been caught in flagrante delicto and held up to universal opprobrium as international war criminals, had we not been in full control of the official enquiry and the corporate media.

As it is, 95 percent of the American public still believe the Arabs did 9/11.

To this day, most Americans  believe the BIG  9/11 LIE. As they were conned by our Jew-owned media into believing that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. And that Saddam Hussein was about to obliterate London in 45 minutes! — a trick pulled on them by Tony Blair, our well paid Zionist puppet and serial killer still at large! (Mugshot)

You’ve got to hand it to us. We’re smart. We know how to fashion the Big Lie. Yes, we can get the gullible goyim masses to believe just about anything!

That’s because we have the media, the means of mass hypnosis, at our command.


My old friend Dostoyevsky once said to his fellow Russians: “If the Jews ever gain power in Russia, they will skin the Russians alive.” They ignored him, to their bitter cost. The Jews came, the Jews saw, and the Jews skinned the Russians alive.

This is what happens to people who have ears to hear, but do not hear.

In France, the beautiful Charlotte Corday pointed out that it was the Jews who had poisoned the mind of Marat; and thus, by extension, that they would soon go on to poison the soul of France with their deadly moral toxins.

Within hours of the anti-Judaic bitch having pronounced these prophetic words, she was seized by her own countrymen and marched off to the guillotine, there to have her beautiful white neck severed  from her body.

More fools they, those easily duped Jacobin revolutionaries! They had eyes to see, but they saw not. And so they, too, in the course of time, would learn to grovel in the dust and eat the bread of humiliation under their Jewish masters.

And then there was my old friend Schopenhauer. He too was to lock horns with the Jews and come to grief by trusting them. Not for nothing did he refer to their hands as the “Devil’s clutches.” They had cheated the great German philosopher, in some now forgotten Mexican scam, out of two-thirds of his fortune.

Today, it’s Madoff and the Wall Street banksters, ripping off America and laughing up their sleeves at the gullible goyim, knowing only too well that the goyim are weak and contemptible wimps  who are helpless to stop the Jews skinning them alive.

Ah yes, then it was Schopenhauer and his kind, brought to grief and a crust of bread by the predatory Jew who NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO STOP!

Then, later,  it was Russia, with 66 million Christian corpses littering the landscape.

And now, my friends, it’s America. Your turn has come. Your time has come. The clock is ticking, and the alarm is about to go off.

Any minute now . . . any second!


“It is far holier to shoot a Jew than to go to the church,” Schopenhauer once said, before adding the famous words that have now become a German proverb: ”After you shake the Jew’s hand, count your fingers.”

Let me tell you this, you pathetic Americans, you obese mountains of lard and lethargy: you may strongly believe in God the Father and love the Lord Jesus Christ with a love beyond compare—and though Christ may be able to save the soul and God move mountains, never forget this: in a world run by Jews, a loaded gun is a far better friend than both God the Father and God the Son put together!

If self-preservation is your aim, my friends, let me tell you this: all the prayers in the world are not going to help you once you have given up your guns to the Jews of Police State America! Remember this: the Russian peasants had no guns—they were unarmed!—all they had was pitchforks and sticks and stones!—and that’s why they died in their millions at the hands of the Cheka Jews after the Bolshevik Revolution.

“God has punished us,” Solzhenitsyn said, “because we Russians have  forgotten him.”  Not so, my friends! Solzhenitsyn was wrong. It would have been better had he said, “We Russians were killed in our millions because we were stupid enough to let our Jewish oppressors kill us—we should have killed them first!”

THE SECRET HOLOCAUST . . . 66 MILLION RUSSIANS DEAD! “If the Jews ever gain power in Russia, they will skin the Russians alive.” — Dostoevsky

Friends, listen to me. Pay heed to my words. Let them not be blown away like leaves in the wind. When the Jews come to kill you, as they once did the Russians, you won’t have any time to find God in those days—for God will have abandoned you long before the Jews arrive to put an end to your miserable existence!

Yes, God will have abandoned you because of your crass stupidity and cowardice and slave mentality!

For God loves the brave and the noble. He loves those who know how to defend their wives, their children, their honor. He loves those who are prepared to fight to the death for all they hold dear.

Why should God protect the cowering slave who offers his neck to the Jewish yoke? The man who lets his own wife and children go into bondage, into cruel bondage like beasts of burden, why should God protect such a pathetic apology for a man?

The Russians told us all this. It is written in their hidden histories. It is there for all to see in the banned book of Solzhenitsyn which your Jewish masters will not let you read—since they own all the big publishing houses and have the power to punish all those who transgress by disseminating the Truth.

Ah, Holy Russia, it no longer bleeds! It seems to have recovered from its wounds, though the Jewish oligarchs only quite recently descended on it like a pack of vultures and tried to suck the lifeblood from it. The Judaic vultures fled with their loot, as you know, taking refuge mostly in Israel and in Israel’s two other slave colonies, the United States and Britain—two countries ever ready to jump through hoops for their Jewish masters.

Though Russia no longer bleeds, see America bleeding like the vampire’s victim, bleeding  slowly to death under the fangs of the raptor Jew!  Ah, how sweet it is to be a powerful Jew in America today!—like Count Dracula in full control of a blood bank, with a thousand white necks to choose from!


Here, far from the Russian steppes and the cold wastes of Siberia, across the azure Atlantic, in the great lands of the brave and free, there has recently been a stirring, an awakening, a burgeoning, yes, a rumbling of distant thunder, as it were, before the coming storm.

The sleeping giant, it seems, is no longer asleep. He is stirring. He is about to awake.

The scourge of the cosmos, we Jews, may own the presses, and we may proclaim loudly that the earth and man are here only to serve our needs, but let me tell you this, my friends: when the Americans, the world’s finest race, finally decide to act, no cavity on earth will exist that is big enough to hide and shelter the Jews.

No lying shrieks of anti-Semitism will avail the Jews in those days. No appeals to conscience, no cries for mercy, will keep them from the clawing hands of their Avengers. It will be too late for the Jews then. They will have pushed America too far. Having crossed all red lines, having put themselves beyond the pale, having driven America beyond its tether, the Jews will then have to face the Day of Reckoning.

That day will come, my friends.  Ah yes, it cannot help but come, like a thief in the night! It is already round the corner . . .

IS  THIS  TO  BE . . .




And so, my friends—my dear, dear friends!—when the clarion call to arms finally comes —and it shall come!—and when the beasts of prey have grown fat and are ready for the slaughter—let every long-suffering American mother hear, let every long-grieving American father take note, and let every long-offended American son and daughter prepare—let them gird their loins, all of them, and prepare for the bloodshed to come.

For the ultimate judges of the Jews, the masses, having once pronounced their verdict of “Guilty” on the Jews, the masses themselves will then become the executioners of the Jews.

The masses will storm into every wretched synagogue, they will break into every Jewish home, they will burst into the banks and the Judaic counting houses and the Holocaust museums, for the American soul will at long last have awakened from its catatonic slumbers, and, by God Almighty! they shall take the law into their own hands and cut down every living Jew on earth.

”There is no better purgative for the soul,” an arrogant Jew once remarked, ”than to watch those die who are unworthy of life.”

Those words will one day be turned against the arrogant Jew himself.

The Jew will then be swept away and convulsed in a new reign of terror. His time will have come to pay his karmic debt. And the blood of the Jews will then run in crimson rivulets through the streets of New Sodom, through the neon streets of the United States of Jewdom, in a pogrom to end all pogroms, in a holocaust to end all holocausts, world without end forever . . . 





ELLIE KATSNELSON: Nothing is known about the mysterious Ms Katsnelson except what she has already told us about herself in various comments scattered across our website ( She is apparently a Jewish supremacist living in Israel and is part-owner of a chocolate business in the South of France, producing the most expensive de luxe chocolates in the world. She is also thought to be a member of the Rothschild family.

32 thoughts on “The Death Camps to Come

  1. Interesting read…

    American is not a race. As a self proclaimed Supreme Jew I would think that with your immense knowledge you would realize that.

    I think the author believes herself. sad really.

  2. I can not believe what I have just read. The Jews that I know are nothing like this woman. She should be ashamed of herself!

    I think “certain people” are trying to cause Christians and Jews to hate each other. In fact, more than 80% of Jewish people marry Christians-and raise their children as non-Jews!


    1. You’re absolutely correct.

      Those ‘certain people’ would be the scumbag Zionist AshkeNAZI JEWS.

      Do you doubt our Lord Jesus when he called them “sons of their father, the Devil”?

  3. “After all, dear friends, the future I am about to describe shall be nothing less than the soon-to-come JEWISH RULE OF AMERICA.”

    I’m sorry, but I don’t see a “Jewish rule of America”. The only Jews I see are the Zionist ones in these FEMA camps being put right where they belong by We the People.

      1. NC you are only a salve if you choose to be. I have read your comments and as far as I can tell you ain’t no slave bro.

          1. SERIOUSLY? Are you truly THAT clueless, dude?

            The F’n JEWS are a cancer on the face of this planet, ESPECIALLY the Zionist scumbag jews. They need to be annihilated forthwith, and with EXTREME prejudice. Mossad is THE biggest terrorist organization there is.

            You need to pull your head out of the idiot box and stop listening to the fake @ss Christian Judaizing (so-called) pastors, like Hagee (Satan’s own). Those sub-human maggots are NOT “God’s Chosen”, as they claim. They LIE. The HEBREWS were “God’s Chosen”, NOT those lying jew bast@rds.

            You’ll never here this from AJ, though.

            If you REALLY want to know who they are, try reading Rev. 2:9 & 3:9.

            The Bible doesn’t lie.

          2. Many of you are blaming an entire group of people for the actions of a vocal minority. I believe that certain elite people are fermenting this hatred. It sounds like propaganda to me.

          3. You really haven’t a clue, have you. Here is a comment I posted on another article explaining the difference between jews and HEBREWS. Following that will be some quotes from their Satanic bible, the TALMUD.
            If, after reading that, you STILL believe them to be “God’s Chosen”, then you’re FAR too well ‘programed’ (there’s an EXCELLENT reason t.v. is called programing. That’s EXACTLY what it is) for us to be of much help to you.

            “Wrong, Frank.
            The Hebrews were descended from Jacob (Israel), the children of the promise. The jews were descended from his brother Esau. The following is part of a comment I posted on another article:

            “Wrong again. The Germans were hated and despised by the stinking jews because the Germanic/Nordic tribes are the TRUE descendants of the Israelites. The TRUE Israelites were Hebrews, NOT JEWS. The Hebrews were descendants of Jacob, or “God’s Chosen” people, which the jews FALSELY lay claim to. The jews were descended from Esau, through his Canaanite wives. They were the Edomites (which means red, like the butchering Bolshevik JEWS – or REDS), and the Amalekites – two of the Hebrews mortal enemies. That is why the murdering scumbag jews had them massacred by the Allies (11 million German nationals starved to death under that POS Eisenhower), as well as the Bolshevik bast@rds.”

            Two separate races, Hebrews and jews.

            But the jews have been lying about that from the beginning.

            This is from the Babylonian Talmud, THE most EVIL thing EVER written!!!

            “A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old”
            (Sanhedrin 54b).
            “When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing”
            (Kethuboth 11b).
            “Jesus is in hell, being boiled in “hot excrement”
            (Gittin 57a).
            “Mary, the mother of Jesus, was a whore and played the harlot with carpenters”
            (Sanhedrin, 106a, 106b
            “[Christ] practised sorcery and enticed Israel to apostacy”
            (Sanhedrin, 43a).
            “Jews must destroy the books of the Christians, i.e. the New Testament”
            (Shabbath 116a).
            “A Jew may have sex with a child as long as the child is less than nine years old”
            (Sanhedrin 54b).
            “When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing”
            (Kethuboth 11b).
            “A woman who had intercourse with a beast is eligible to marry a Jewish priest. A woman who has sex with a demon is also eligible to marry a Jewish priest”
            (Yebamoth 59b).
            “All gentile children are animals”
            (Yebamoth 98a).
            “Jews may use lies (‘subterfuges’) to circumvent a Gentile”
            (Baba Kamma 113a).
            “When a Jew murders a gentile (‘Cuthean’), there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a gentile he may keep” (Sanhedrin 57a).

            I’ve done intensive research on this subject the last couple of years, and the conclusion is inescapable.

            The jews killed Christ, and they’re STILL waiting for THEIR ‘messiah’.

            That would be the Antichrist.

            Unless you’re just clowning, and are actually (dare I say it?) A TROLL, I’d advise doing your own research. I ALWAYS tell people “Don’t take my word for it, do the research yourself”.

          4. It is not only Christians who will be in the camps that you mentioned. Jews will be there also. I am not talking about the illuminati Jews(who must renounce their religion/culture before they can join), I am talking about regular Jewish people.
            Most Jews are normal people, just like the rest of us. However, most of you
            won’t believe it.

            I am sick of all this hatred!

          5. “Most Jews are normal people, just like the rest of us”



            Do the research BEFORE you open your yap. WHY have the stinking jews been kicked out of EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY they’ve ever lived in going back more than 1000 years?

            USURY, THAT’S WHY. Something EXPRESSLY forbidden by God in the Bible.

            Their god is mammon. Jesus said so… I believe Him.

          6. J Shay says:

            Many of you are blaming an entire group of people for the actions of a vocal minority. I believe that certain elite people are fermenting this hatred. It sounds like propaganda to me.

            J Shay take a break and read – The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
            Then look at what is going on and tell me they are not on course.
            They are like Obummer, a usurper. Anyone who is not a Jew is nothing more the cattle

          7. Oh, and btw, those jews over in Israhell have WELL over 400 nukes, and have publicly announced they wouldn’t hesitate to use their “Samson Option” if ever attacked. It’s what they call their ‘Golem’ (look it up). They are some of THE most psychopathic killers on the planet, BAR NONE!

            You’ve got the internet at your fingertips.


          8. J Shay, part of it may be propaganda such as the damaging of Jewish places in France, as the elite do control both sides. However, I still feel a lot of it has to do with Bennie Nutinyahoo and Zionist Israel’s own insane, uncontrollable lust for power and the MSM’s inability to control them and their narrative, as their Zionist scheme is being increasingly exposed and revealed to everyone by the day. But that’s just me.

          9. J Shay, you say,

            “I am talking about regular Jewish people.
            Most Jews are normal people, just like the rest of us.”

            Well then, those “regular” Jewish people better identify themselves and let everyone know where they stand quick and do all they can to help us defeat the Zionists or they will find themselves in the line of fire when the shooting starts. That’s all I have to say.

        1. I dunno about NC, but if anyone (govt) has a claim on the fruit of your labor that you are not free to refuse without punishing consequences, you’re sure not free and you don’t own yourself.

  4. “Knowing that my friend Aaron would not grant me the privilege of picking his superior Jewish brain,…”

    Superior jewish brain?

    That’s as far as I got with this one.

  5. Read the first two paragraphs in bold and I said to myself this is total BS:

    1. NO FREAKIN’ WAY DO JEWS (you know, Khazars) take over the US! For one thing, blacks can’t stand Jews…I have NEVER met one black person who had nothing but contempt for Jews.

    2. According to various Israel-firster sites like WND Muslims are invading the US in droves and many believe Obama is purposefully letting millions of Muslims into the country. Now does anyone here actually think Muslims will allow Jews to take over?

    3. I have known maybe over 100 Jews in my life (grew up on Long Island) and maybe ten or less had any sort of anti-Gentile feelings (yeah I know the Talmud says Jews can lie to Gentiles…)

    4. There are 150 or so million gun owners in the US, especially in rural areas, the south, southwest, upper midwest, Appalachia, northwest, mountain states…only areas with supposedly low gun ownership are Atlantic liberal states (like NY and NJ and CT), coastal California (again liberal) and coastal south Florida (Miami, etc.)…and guess where most Jews live? those low gun areas! In other words, few Jews own guns, so how are Jews gonna take over the US? And few Jews joins the military as well…they are too superior, right? (NO WONDER ISRAEL COULDN’T BEAT HEZBOLLAH!) thus few Jews know how to use guns…and I truly think most Jews are reasonably cowardly. Only cowards constantly throw the “anti-Semitic” bogus argument at those who disagree with them…brave folks would defend themselves truthfully.

    5. Like I said I grew up with Jews, and Jews have this weird tendency to feel superior on the one hand and exhibit huge inferiority complexes on the other…they are walking contradictions…must be too much Talmud reading!

    6. Even Christian Zionists are starting to realize the truth about Israel! When they realize that the Talmud is as anti-Christ as can be, moreso than even the Koran, they will wake up completely and folks like John Hagee just might want to go into hiding if he lives that long…

    7. Jews tend to live tribally…only way they take over a huge country like the US is if they live everywhere…they do not and they cannot…there are NO synagogues within 150 miles of where I live in far west Texas. No synagogues, no Jews.

    8. Though I do believe most Americans still support Israel, I also believe most Americans either do not like Jews or have never known any. Why would many Americans not like Jews? Jewish banksters, for one…

    9. Too many still believe the Jew stereotypes and consider Jews to be morally corrupt (Jews run Hollywood, Hasidic child rapists, etc.)

    10. Karma. Do unto others. What goes around comes around. And it is coming around for the Jews.

    If I was Jewish in the US, I’d be getting a bit concerned right about now. When the economy collapses due to the banksters (you know, Jewish banksters?) and folks know it, and a “purge movie” scenario begins, I’d be worried if I was Jewish!

  6. The problem is that the Jewish leaders grab for power. Since their liberation in the 19th Century they have been a menace to all countries: Communism, the Talmudic attitude to non-Jews. Be it Russia, Eastern Europe after WW 2, or Palestine, today, their leaders are savages. Their control of the banking system has fueled their rise. Unfortunately, the average Jew is as politically ignorant as the avg. Christian, but, unlike the latter, his leaders and organizations are a curse on all nations. Add to this the Jews are a distinct culture, thus adding to the natural tendency of alienating themselves from the dominant culture. Picture a Jew next to a Christian, a man of the West. Can’t you just feel the difference? Forget about good or bad for the moment. Different. In this case, due to their willingness to go along with their leaders, Barbarically different. That’s the sad part, as Henry Ford remarked in his International Jew reports. This is why Judaism is a Satanic Power. I know, I’ve investigated, I was a former Communist–years ago….and, not surprisingly, of Jewish origins, though I’ve long since considered myself as such…

    1. Death Camps? This is why our founding fathers wrote the 2nd amendment. never never give up our arms.
      Most people point to Hitler as a mass murder of Jews. Does anyone look at who financed the wars? Does the Jew house of Rothschild, Jew Bilderberg ring any bells. 6 million dead I don’t think so. I am not saying some Jews didn’t die in the wars. The Jew Bankers are still stacking up body’s even today. If there were “Good Jews” out there would we not be hearing an out cry to stop the slaughter of Palestinians?
      Guilty by association.

      1. As I said, the avg. Jew is politically ignorant, like most non-Jews, the problem is, as Henry Ford wrote, THE JEWISH MASSES ARE THE SOIL OUT OF WHICH THE PROBLEM GROWS. Therefore, I would allow no Jews in high positions unless it was very clear that they saw themselves as Americans and acted as such. This was pretty much Hitler’s policy. As for their being a religion, THEY ARE ALSO A RACE, since they tend to get diseases that other groups don’t and they usually share certain physical characteristics. And let’s remember also what Henry Ford recognized, way back in the 1920s: the Protocols describe what has happened, and Jews are in the power positions described. Jews may be educated/intelligent–but to what end?

    2. I am sorry, but I must post one more time. Someone must defend the ordinary, average Jewish person, who is generally not religious. I am not defending the bankers or the so-called “leaders,” or the other people that you mentioned. However,It is unfair to blame all Jews for what some do. Most have never read the Talmud. In fact, many are leaving/have left the religion throughout the years.

      Jews do not comprise “a race.” Judaism is a religion/culture. Anyone can convert and become Jewish; millions have left the religion throughout the centuries. Jews come in all appearances-there are black Jews, Arab Jews, Chinese Jews, the stereotypical Jew, blonde, blue-eyed Jews with small features( who are obscured by the media)
      and so on….Judaism at one time was a proselytizing religion.

      Incidentally, Jewish people account for nearly 50% of America’s Nobel Prize winning scientists. They account for many of Europe’s(especially France, Britain, Germany, Denmark, Austria)as well. By the way, Olivia Newton-John is the granddaughter of German-Jewish Nobel Prize-winning physicist, Max Born.

      Jews have always been persecuted because of envy. Generally speaking, Jewish people are very well-educated. They have held important positions in their respective countries.

      Most Jewish people are not evil, despite what some of you believe.

      1. Try Infowars or PrisonPlanet, dude. AJ never talks bad about the jews.

        Because he’s married to one.

      2. Your reference to anything Nobel prize related and “important positions” only supports the argument that nepotism is run amok in their tribe, unless you are so self-loathing to believe in their supremacy and your lack of ability and potential for achievement?

        1. I only mentioned Nobel prizes and important positions to show that many Jews contributed to their nations. I do not believe in the supremacy of any group(I treat everyone as an individual). From what I understand, Jews were called the “Chosen People,” because they were supposed to spread the word of God.

          I must say that I have found that many Jews do not have common sense.

          This is definitely my last post.

  7. the juden is trying to start trouble again with the incendiary writing
    go spray swastikas on the wall yenta, then blame someone
    don’t pay attention

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