17 thoughts on “The Eleven Seasons of Oregon

  1. Y’all can come to ks. and enjoy the high winds and dust bowl for the next 10 days! Oh and no rain in site.

          1. Just wind now.
            Looks like light fog, but dust and dirt. Need goggles to work outside.
            Didn’t get any precip to speak of. Misty and Doc got it bad.

  2. Here is the way it is in far west Texas:
    “Freez-y season”–January and especially February (the last three Big Freezes, in 2011, 2021 an 2022, were all in February)
    “Sneez-y season”–March and some of April (when cedars give off their pollen and cause lots of allergies)
    “Fire season”–April, May, June (lots of wind and lack of moisture…in 2011 some idiot was welding in 50 mph winds and causes the largest fire in this area in many years, burning down several homes…and another idiot at the Sul Ross State U rodeo caused another fire when he threw a burning cigarette onto the grass). And if it rains, it hails…
    “Rainy season”–July (beginning around July 4th), August and September, into October if we’re lucky, mixed with temps from the 80s into the 100s, and thunderstorms as well, with some hail.
    “A mixture of all of the above seasons”–Late October, November, December

    But check this out–in 1999 or so, it snowed on Mother’s Day….. And the day my daughter was born in November, 1992, it was almost 90 degrees.

    In other words, you can’t predict the weather in far west Texas!

  3. I hear ya, Henry. NEPA here had light snow,sleet and hail Friday, Saturday and Sunday (no accumulation). Worked outside today with no shirt on and got me a mild sunburn. 75 degrees. Lots of chemtrail planes lately. Bassturds.

  4. Nope, only two seasons. Easy to tell them apart. There’s FallWinterSpring, characterized by rain all day and clear sky’s all night. Summer is a different weather pattern. Sunshine all week, rain all weekend.

    1. Two seasons in Alberta Canada as well – Winter (Sept to May) then Road Construction (Jun Jul Aug). And it snowed here the last three days and has been freezing cold and windy.

  5. Everyone here was tricked into snow even though the temps didn’t go low enough.
    Then they bitched about how it was going to snow while the sun was shining and the rain didn’t stop…

    I can’t help but judge.

    Good post.

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