6 thoughts on “The faces of those who just followed orders at the Bundy Ranch

  1. You know, FF: I was thinking the same thing; when I first looked at this = 4 of them really don’t look like LEO’s –

  2. Same should be done for the cops shooting people, their dogs, raiding the wrong house, etc.

    Need to keep track of thugs, Brown Shirts, maniacs, sociopath-for-a-paycheck type of lunatics.

  3. Facial hair is not allowed for several reasons. It can be used as a handhold, a receptacle for toxic or flammable agents, and does not allow a gas mask to properly seal. I suspect they are mercs or foreigners. If these people can be engaged in a conversation, look for an accent. Follow them to a destination. Photograph them, who they meet, vehicles, homes, offices, meeting places …everything very discretely. If a court case comes up, like with these people ID’ed at Bundy, show the pics to the attorney defending the case…He might then be able to ask some very, very interesting questions!

  4. Don’t thank me. This little tidbit of Information came from my source deep behind enemy lines in Bunkerville. My sources name is “Molon Labe”. My apologies for not sourcing “Molon Labe” to this article.

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