The Jan 6, 2021 PLANNED Invasion of the Wash. DC Capitol Building with the Collusion of Police


February 26th, 2021.

Jan. 6, 2021 (Comments by Ken Adachi)
An unarmed and non-threatening female protester Ashlie Babbitt, who foolishly allowed herself to be swept into this Idiot’s Fest of Irrational Destruction, is seen being murdered in cold blood at the 35:06 mark. The unidentified police murderer in civilian clothes is seen extending his right arm and taking careful aim at an unarmed WOMAN no less, who was reportedly trying to enter the adjoining room (no video evidence of that is seen) through an already smashed-in glass window. This trigger-happy moron would later claim that “he had no other choice” while he ignores shooting the anarchist who is actually smashing in the windows. The murderer’s Deep State, Biden-connected lawyer, Mark Schamel, is now claiming that the police murderer was REPEATEDLY shouting that he would shoot if Ashlie didn’t ‘stay back’, but NO SHOUTING is picked up in the video recording — DESPITE multiple smashed-in windows to the adjacent room.

This video compilation gives you a clearer picture of the Deep State’s PLANNED attack on the Capitol Building on Jan 6, 2021 – to blame on Trump supporters – and the obvious COLLUSION of the DC Capitol Police to facilitate and enable that invasion into the Capitol Building where it EASILY could have been prevented from occurring in the first place if the Capitol Police WANTED to prevent it from occurring.

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