The Latino Takeover of the United States

They are the fastest growing demographic in the United States.  Progressively, year after year, they will be deciding our elections.  They are the Latinos.  This is one of the few facts being reported by the mainstream.

Do you know there is an association of Latino lawmakers in our country?  Another group of dual citizens with dual allegiances.  Another communist collective putting itself in a position of authority over we American nationals.  And what do the Latinos support?  Further insurgent invasion, more of their people coming from Latin America to enforce their will upon we Americans who built and own this country.  Will we allow ourselves to be conquered by a peasant population without even firing a shot?

Forty years ago, the thought of Mexico conquering the United States would have been hilarious.  But look around you.  They are here and growing bolder every day.  They have conquered our safety net.  They run the socialist systems we have been forced to pay for, literally at gunpoint.

Spanish is being adopted, not as a second language, but as a first language.  Remember, you have to push one to opt out.  And look at the crime wave that has accompanied the invasion from the south.  A national park in Arizona, wherein American nationals are told to stay out or they will be killed by Mexicans.  The drug gangs that are taking over in our inner cities.  The capture of 50 million of our badly needed jobs, with more invaders crossing into our country with every tick of the clock, twenty-four/seven.

The insurgents from within are accommodating the insurgents coming in.  A landowner in Arizona detains an illegal found on his property until law enforcement can arrive and he is sued by the illegal who gets awarded $250,000 from a captured American court.

Let us look at this for what it is, an invading army of millions.  They are coming to take what we have and are being supported by traitors in the highest levels of what used to be our government.  And we are being told that we must just simply surrender without a fight.

This is not who we are.  We must break the mind control and take these enemies to task.  We must drive each and every one of these insurgents out of our country and punish their governments that sent them.  This includes even those who, through duplicity, have managed to circumvent our immigration laws via unconstitutional executive orders signed by two treasonous presidents.

We must let these foreigners know that they are not just going to come into our country and take us over through an act of duplicity and unchallenged through warfare.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

18 thoughts on “The Latino Takeover of the United States

  1. Let me tell you one thing. I live in Yuma, AZ, a border town. I can see Mexico looking out my backyard window.
    I have become very good friends with Mexicans from Mexico at work doing construction work, and I have flat out asked them if they thought, and are taught that Calif, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas belong to them, and if they are taught “Reconquista”. They shrug their shoulders, look down, and reluctantly always say “Yes”

    A 2002 Zogby poll reported that 58% of Mexicans believe that the southwestern US belongs to Mexico.[17]

    Harvard University professor Samuel P. Huntington stated in 2004 that:

    Demographically, socially and culturally, the reconquista of the Southwest United States by Mexico is well under way. No other immigrant group in U.S. history has asserted or could assert a historical claim to U.S. territory. Mexicans and Mexican-Americans can and do make that claim.[3][4]

    Neo-liberal political writer Mickey Kaus has remarked,

    If you talk to people in Mexico… if you get them drunk in a bar, they’ll say we’re taking it back, sorry. That’s not an uncommon sentiment in Mexico, so why can’t we take it seriously here? This is like a Quebec problem if France was next door to Canada.[18]

    We need to face facts, pay attention, and man-up for America, and our children’s future.

    and just so you know how complicit our government is with all of this. My wife is a teacher, and she tells me that they actually send school buses over to Mexico everyday to pick up kids and drop them off for school everyday. She also tells me that out of 30 kids per class, they are lucky to have one white American kids

  2. “and just so you know how complicit our government is with all of this. My wife is a teacher, and she tells me that they actually send school buses over to Mexico everyday to pick up kids and drop them off for school everyday. She also tells me that out of 30 kids per class, they are lucky to have one white American kids”

    We actually had an article posted on here a week or two ago stating this same issue that you are talking about and how if it continues, the schools will go bankrupt because Mexicans don’t have to pay taxes and get their education for free. If there are more Mexicans than Americans than there are no funds for the school and the school will go under. I’m sure your wife probably knows this already. It’s a shame and completely ridiculous.

  3. “Spanish is being adopted, not as a second language, but as a first language. Remember, you have to push one to opt out. ”

    Over here you have to push 2 to opt in and they ask the question to opt in, in Spanish.

    1. “Press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish”. Actually, I’m still waiting for “Press 3 for Chinese and Press 4 for Hindi” at the rate our country is going.

  4. I am not going to tell you how I know, but I know first hand that the cartels prefer to take firearms in trade for their products, and that they are in every town, big or small, all through-out America, and armed to the teeth. Pretty much, just waiting for their CIA handlers to say the word, and it is Reconquista Baby!!! So, always consider, and know, that they will be on the wrong side of all of this. They are one faction of the NWO standing army just waiting for their orders. That is why they get free everything… call it a paycheck if you will.
    I remember now… I had a dream about all of this, that’s how I know this! hehe

  5. I will say this;…….as a Native American who grew up on the wrong side of Govt. treaties,…..If these so called invaders are here to help kick the US/NWO govt ass the I applaud them. Its time this GD beast was called out and killed. Let each man now therefore claim his or her right as An American and do the right thing by stabbing the GD beast and kill it once for all. Then and only then ,may we each, of all our racial groups work this bull-sheet calamity out and may GOD almighty smile on our endeavor as we learn to live and let live!!!
    Let freedom ring for ALL MEN…even those of color or let it ring for NONE!!

  6. Ok…ive callmed down and chilled now. To me ,..too many times a mexican is judged to be something they are not….most simple want a need a job…it aint there fault the corps give them the job opportunities and not americans. Too often they are all painted with broad brush….same as the Orientals and the Muslims…..

    Now to clarify my heart to you folk……if they are a foreigner and the intent is to come and disrupt simple hard working honest Americans… cause murder and mayhem in the neighborhoods……then MAY GOD REST THEIRS souls….cause I will dispatch any foreigner or America national govt. rep. who comes to my neck of the woods with the NWO plan……Im too GD old to fuggin frick around with these idiots any longer…..
    Hope y’all understand my heart and intent.

    I will git of my high horse now…..
    Peace out!

  7. Can’t the people file a class action law suit against the government it’s states officials and corporations for numerous crimes fraud theft and negligence?

    1. Yes, but you have to file it with them and they have to find themselves guilty.
      I know what you are going to say, a jury, right? A jury only gets to see what the corporate judge allows them to see. The judges are a part of the corrupt corporations and governments. This is why we have to recapture our highest seats of power and enforce our own laws.
      They are not going to get themselves.

      1. Once the SHTF, if I get a “no comprende” if I ask which side someone’s on (assuming I have a chance to) well………………………….

        1. I’m over here in Long Beach, CA and do temp work in the LA and OC area. Most people I speak to do not feel or see the people rising up anytime soon. Many of these people are foreign nationals at these corporations. I find very few people that were born in the United States working company to company. We have no stable jobs to properly pre pair our selves for this chaos. They have given them all the jobs and social resources. My parents did not inform me of the corruption we live under today. I more or less discovered these shocking truths in my early mid twenties as a college student talking to neighbors, off duty military troops, veterans, classmates and researching online. I’m now in my early thirties I still feel like there is a lot that I do not know. I listen to the shows and view articles on here all the time. I’m just not sure how my lack of knowledge will add to the conversation when you go into some deep end subjects and topics. Anyhow keep up the good word guys.

          1. I live less than 20 miles from you Phil, next to Redondo Beach. I have over 100 dvd’s on different aspects of the NWO. Let me know what you’re interested in, and odds are I have something on it, either on dvd, or in a book.

            Knowing the truth is pretty much an obsession with me.

      2. So it may be possible? Maybe an settlement award to certain people below a income or financial level could grease the wheels to get them to move in the peoples direction? I believe we have to keep pounding them with criminal charges and law suits by the people while preparing to take matters into our own hands in the event that they totally ignore our documented legal efforts to restore the land wealth and peace within our country. I have not heard of or seen any action like this taken yet.

        1. Phil, you have got to have a open mind to figure out who you realy are, and this govt . preaches this sort of thing but will hold this against you. The govr. wants to know who you are but they will lock you up for expressing your opinion. Talk about freedom of speach! Is this what our vetrans fought for – I do not think so, do you. I think our vets fought for our freedom eh. Our freedom is what separates us from the rest of the world eh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We cannot let some political bastard take our freedom away from us .

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