The Most Absurd AR-15 Article Ever

ar15The Captain’s Journal – by HERSCHEL SMITH

Rolling Stone:

For gunmakers, the political fight over assault rifles and high-capacity pistols is about more than just profits – it’s about the militarization of the marketplace and represents a desperate bid by gunmakers to prop up a decaying business. The once-dependable market for traditional hunting guns has fallen off a cliff. To adapt, the firearms industry has embraced a business strategy that requires it to place the weapons of war favored by deranged killers like Adam Lanza and Jared Loughner into the homes and holsters of as many Americans as possible. “They’re not selling your dad’s hunting rifle or shotgun,” says Josh Sugarmann, executive director of the Violence Policy Center, a top industry watchdog. “They’re selling military-bred weaponry.”

The Violence Policy Center.  But who else would Rolling Stone go to but the Violence Policy Center?  Of course.

So this article makes it sound like gun manufacturers are just struggling to stay in business, and have had to adapt to give people what they want, which is not really old fashioned rifles, but rather, these awful, evil black guns.  If this is true, I guess the cost for a nice Remington 700 series rifle has dropped like a rock.

Oooopppps!  I guess not, since the MSRP is still $800 – $1200.  Not good.  A broken narrative.  But let’s continue.

Less than 20 percent of Americans born after 1980 report having a gun in the home. “For the industry, the problem is ‘Who is going to buy the guns?’” says Sugarmann. “To borrow the language of the tobacco industry,” he says, “they need to find ‘replacement shooters.’”

Good grief.  Maybe he should have focused on people born between 1980 and 1990, since people born much later are prohibited by law from owning firearms.  What a dumb ass.  And any shooter knows just how hard it is to order firearms now, what the demand is, and how many new and young shooters there are at ranges.  But this author isn’t a shooter.  He is a dumb ass.  The narrative has changed too, from one of simply meeting creepy customer demand to making that market themselves by slick marketing.  Does this guy have an editor?  Was he drunk when he wrote this crap? But going backwards in the article, we get this little gem.

AR-15 enthusiasts brag they can fire up to 400 rounds in 60 seconds. Paying roughly 50 cents a bullet, such shooters are blowing through $200 worth of ammo in a hot minute.

Maybe he should have gotten up with me.  I could have told him that the going price for 5.56 mm is about $1.00 per round.  I want to know what store told him they could sell at 50 cents per round?

Oh well.  This is what you get when writers at Rolling Stone weigh in dramatically and breathlessly on things about which they are ignorant.

2 thoughts on “The Most Absurd AR-15 Article Ever

  1. So I guess that the 30/06 or 303 British BOLT ACTION guns I use for HUNTING weren’t bred by the military? While I do own several ex military guns none of them are semi automatic. My semi auto guns maybe copies of military guns, but several of my BOLT action guns saw war use in WWI and WWII and probably killed. Funny that a military gun like the worst firearm in my collection, an Italian Carcano 6.5×52, was used by Lee Harvey Oswald to kill a president. Even in today’s climate you can pick up a Carcano for 150.00 or less. If you believe the stories Lee Harvey supposedly got three shots off in a matter of seconds with a weapon that is very awkward and hard to cycle. If someone wants to kill they will find a way no matter the weapon, or lack there of. If we let these morons touch our semi autos every other type of firearm will be on the chopping block shortly there after. This potential gun control bill isn’t about a type of gun it’s about control over the general population.

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