The Passive Resistance Pipe Dream

gandhiThere is a lot of talk out here in cyberspace, with some putting forth the notion that our Republic can be restored without having to fight.  Every American national is absolutely entitled to their opinion, but I would put forth the following.  For the past twenty years, a majority of our people have been living within the delusion that we the people were in control of our government via the ballot box and the jury box, and this quite simply was not true, as our courts had been taken over and our elections defrauded.

Twenty years ago, when those of us who were paying attention pointed these facts out, we were called conspiracy theorists.  And of course there were those very self important people who were so much more intelligent than we, who not only refused to acknowledge what was then obvious and take measures to correct, but actually perpetuated the problem via their empty minded, thoughtless participation. 

They did cause harm to the patriots who were doing their duty. These igmos sat on fraudulent juries, and being completely ignorant of our Constitution and Bill of Rights did cause us to be made political prisoners or killed for defending those very principals.

Now it is these very same self important, all knowing, I know what’s best for us, individuals who are saying, “Guns are not the issue, all we have to do is refuse to cooperate and the bad guys will go away, and we will be free again.”

They try to tell us that those who have openly displayed themselves as Bolsheviks are not Bolsheviks.  They say they are just greedy people and can simply be shooed away.

This is the bullshitest of the bullshit.  These communist insurgents who have infiltrated our government have purchased 400 million rounds of .40 cal hollow point pistol ammunition.  International law forbids the use of these bullets in war.  They have but one use and that is the same use the grandfathers of these Bolsheviks who have infiltrated our government put them to in 1917 Russia.

I suppose there is nothing to be done for those simply succumbing to cowardice in refusing to face reality, but wanton stupidity is another matter altogether.

Our government has been infiltrated by international soviet socialists (communists).  They intend to seize our private property as they did in Russia.  They intend to murder 10% of us (the producers) as they find it necessary to do so in order to reconstruct our society under communism.

It is the duty of every American national to organize, arm, equip, and train.  These parasites have their fangs sunk into the wealth of our nation and the only way they can be removed is through force.  They have built a standing army, consisting of DHS, TSA, BATF, FBI, and State Police.  They have imported Mexicans and Chinese to replace our workforce.  They didn’t go to all this trouble just to quit if we said no.

If you don’t think so, just go forth.  Don’t arm yourself.  Just refuse to comply and you will have earned your .40 cal hollow point to the back of your head and your place in the mass grave.  This Gandhi bullshit is just that, bullshit.  You people do know how Gandhi died, right?…..No, not of old age, but rather from a bullet through his non-violent resistant head.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

3 thoughts on “The Passive Resistance Pipe Dream

  1. Wake up, and don’t get fooled again, because if you do, it will be the last time you’ll have the option of being an idiot. The people encouraging “passive resistance” are working for the people who want to rid the country of its excessive “useless eater” population. (that’s YOU, by the way)

    There’s a lot more to the history of rebellion than Gandhi, who was the exception rather then the rule. If you don’t ACTIVELY resist what’s coming, you’ll be killed, and of course they’ll want you to be “passive” when it’s time to end your life with one of those billion bullets your kind and caring government just purchased for use right here at home.

    1. Even Gandhi condemned the British for its brutal disarmament of the people of India. He knew passive resistance was only part of the over all fight for freedom and that arms and patriots willing to use them were needed.

  2. My Fellow Patriots:

    Although so called, “passive resistance” does have its place as a useful tactic, the simple fact is,.. we are long past its effective employment and capacity to bring about the necessary change that is needed to restore the Constitution as our basis of government.

    We no longer have any measure of a legitmate federal gov’t whatsoever.

    What we do have, is a collection of criminal agencies, collectively seeking total dominion over the entire population of the USA,.. and the world, for the exclusive purpose of, 1 – Extracting wealth, 2 – Enslavment, 3 – Extermination.

    There is no other long term goals by these pyschos for the peoples of this, and all other countries.

    There is only one solution in the end,… the confrontation, arrest, trials and execution of all those individuals involved with the henious crime of global enslavement abroad,.. and treason at home.

    To do anything less, is by definition, to do little, and will guarantee failure by us, and success by them. Therefore, by necessity,.. we must be absolute, thorough, and leave them with no quarter in our relentless quarantine, and extermination of such diseased persons.

    Never in human history, have the fate of so many, the entire population of the world,… depended on so few,.. the patriots here in the USA.

    We have a mission my fellow patriots,.. and with our belief and knowledge of right and wrong,.. and God’s helping hand,…. we shall expose these perfidious bags of filth,.. and eliminate them from the face of the earth, before they exterminate us.

    So help us God.

    JD – US Marines – Patriot Fever,.. Get It!!

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