The Pledge of Indignance

I pledge indignance to the rag, of the Jew-nited States of America.

And to the international military dictatorship for which it stands.

The ultimate abomination, under ZOG, with despotism and persecution for all.


6 thoughts on “The Pledge of Indignance

  1. I deny allegiance, to the Zog
    Of the jewnited states of America.

    And to those politicians
    Who’ve trashed my constitution

    I will defy, with my neighbor
    And a gun by my side.

    F-k the government.

  2. I remember as a kid how I loved our flag so, we were indoctrinated to love it. It wasn’t until I joined the Trenches and had the opportunity to meet Henry and all of you that I started to understand how I was played and deceived. It isn’t easy to say such things about our flag, it makes me sick to acknowledge what it has turned into.

    I can remember in class as I put my hand over my heart during the pledge of allegiance, I used to get teary eyed, God how things have changed as our country has gone to hell. It’s important to teach our kids the truth about what has happened over the years, and to teach them as Henry has us. I’m sure you all can agree, this whole damn situation we find ourselves in has taken its toll, physically, mentally and spiritually during this takeover of our rights and sovereignty.

    We are forced to carry this garbage for every second of every day. Tyranny has intrenched upon us.

    God bless the republic, death to the new world order.

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