The Question Of Life After Death Is True

My ex passed away last night May 13 2016 at 7- 45 PM, who was my daughter’s mom. My ex had been in so much pain through her life from a throat cancer to kidney and liver problems it took allot out of her. My daughter text me she was with the family at the hospital they were giving my ex morphine and a drug to try to kick start her kidneys and liver.

That was approximately 6 PM. Then at 8 PM, Misty text me again and said mom was gone she had passed. I text Misty and said I understand and that I was so sorry for the loss. I said call me when you feel up to it, cause I know her and mom were close as to mother and daughter even though at times they had their differences.  

Well this is where the story gets interesting, Misty called me on the cell phone and she said DAD I was sitting next to the bed just watching Joanna (MOM) in her last minute of life and then all of a sudden I jumped up because something scared me, it was mom she had passed and wasn’t breathing.

Then they saw Joanna  standing next to the wall in the room and My EX was dancing and said the body on the bed was just a covering a shell, and that she was free and said she felt wonderful and had no more pain and Misty said daddy mom was so beautiful and young. Course it startled everyone in the room. MISTY said daddy there was a little boy standing next to her I don’t know who the little boy was but see in my EX’S home people always said there was a little boy who would run through the hall playing with his ball and sometimes he would ride a hobby horse that was in the spare room. Now I do not know of Joann in her earlier years if she had a loss of a child she never said anything to anyone about this, but the boy was in the room too and now hope her and him are free and going to HEAVEN and to do GOD’S work.

After everyone was leaving the hospital and walking across the parking areas, they heard my ex say behind them  then everyone stopped and looked around to see who was talking it was  Joann she  said  I can run faster than anyone here.

See my ex loved to run and play softball allot and through the years she was going downhill she was not able to do the things she wanted cause of her pain.  Course I let my daughter talk, and get all the crying out. Even though we live for so many years and have to pass there are some things unexplainable but wonderful about Jesus and life and the life afterwards.


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  1. Experiences like this are why I am agnostic, not atheist. I’ve had a few experiences, some disturbing others not. A house we lived in about 8 years ago…we always felt someone watching us in the upstairs bathroom. My wife traveled a lot at the time and she would call me from out of town. I worked from home. She could hear a banging noise over the phone. I told her it was the bathroom door slamming again. It would do this daily and for about 5 minutes at a time, every couple of seconds. I checked it out the first couple of times looking for open windows or anything causing air pressure change. Found nothing. Last year in our home we live in now, I was sweeping the dinning room floor. I heard a girl say very loudly and clearly in a pleasant voice, “Hello”. I looked up, thought it was someone at the door..went to the door, looked around outside, no one was there. I asked my adult son if he heard it , he had also heard the voice. My wife and kids have also heard a girl calling out “mom” upstairs. One time my wife heard it and the kids were not home. I like old Victorian homes. Seems that people who’ve passed like them as well.

  2. Many years ago, I would say close to 40 years, my ex-husband had died along with his wife when the exhaust fumes from the car, leaked in. They had the car inspected a day or so before they left on a trip for the Christmas holidays. We had been divorced over 10 years and I had remarried. About 6 months after his death he appeared at the foot of the bed in what appeared to be a fog. I was going to hug him and he said no, don’t touch me, you can’t. He told me he now understood the reasons we could not be married, he said he was sorry for all the things he had done to me during our marriage. He said he had missed our son. I told him I had received letters from his wife telling me not to contact them as he was just a bill they had to pay monthly. He told me he never knew about that and had he known, things would had been different. She also died when he passed away. I told him I still had the letters if he wanted to see them. He said no, because he knew I would not lie to him. He went on to say he was very proud of the way I had raised our son. I told him he was at school and would later be at work at Walmart that afternoon. He wished me well and to be happy. I told him I was not happy and would probably be divorcing at some point. After that he was gone as fast as he appeared. The experience was as though he had to make peace before he moved on. I never saw him again, but feel he has looked over me during the years.

    One particular time was when my friend and I had gone to Tennessee to pick up grandkids. It was like one in the morning and we stopped in Vicksburg, Mississippi for the remainder of the night. We had carried the granddaughter into the motel and I was carrying the grandson when I stumbled over a curb thing to stop cars. I was falling forward and had reached the point of past standing up. Instantly I knew I was going head first into a brick wall on top of my grandson. At that moment I felt two hands on both my shoulders pulling me upright into the standing position. I have often wondered if it were my son’s dad and he save both myself and our grandson from serious injury. I will never know, just assume.

    For the last twenty plus years I have lived in a house that has spirits roaming about. These are not harmful, sometimes funny. When I first moved in I never knew what to expect, everything from water being turned off in the commode, to things that would swing around that were hanging, I would hear things being dragged across the attic rafters, along with banging sounds of lumber being unloaded.

    One day my neighbor was mowing my yard before I went to work, I was picking up stuff so he would not hit it. He told me he wished one of the haints (ghosts) that lived in my house would come help him mow. I told him you know when you want one you cannot find him. He said that was right. About that time I went to the back yard and there stood this little man in overalls, plaid shirt and a hat pulled down over his face. I looked away and when I looked back he was gone. Never told my neighbor his haint was standing in the back yard.

    Some years later a neighbor who lived down the street asked me if I had ever seen the ghosts that live here. I told her I had once. She asked what he looked like and I told her. Her mouth fell open, as did her husband’s mouth and both said I described the guy who many years before had died in the house.

    Then about 6-7 years ago I had a knock on the door and there stood a woman. She asked if she could visit as her grandmother originally owned the house. I told her sure and she looked at the changes that had been made. I don’t know how the conversation got started on ghosts, but I told her I listen to music every night. The music I listen to is not an electronic device, but something I could not turn off or change stations on. She asked what kind of music and I told her old swing music from the 40’s. She got this surprised look on her face and said that was the music her grandmother played on the record player in the front every evening. I told her I guess that was her still playing music at night. There has been only one person that has been able to hear the music besides myself. Some years back a friend from Georgia spent the night here and asked me to turn up my radio so she could hear the music better. I told her that radio could not be adjusted. She laughed and said, “Oh one of those radios!” So we both went to sleep listening to the faint music of the past.

    I have also had past owners come visit and tell their stories of this house. We compared what goes on presently to what they had going on. Some things are similar and other are very different. Those are just some of the stories from this house, but there are many more and more from me moving into the house I have heard from past neighbors. The house, I later found out, was written up in the local paper many years ago as being haunted. Now days it is pretty quiet but they still pass through from time to time. They don’t bother me, as I believe there are some souls that have not moved on because they have not found peace.

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