5 thoughts on “The REAL Reason For The REVOLUTION!


    1. Didn’t get every single point (pompous, vomit-inducing language), but it’s enough to make me see how desperate they (the king and his power-players) were to hang onto authority. Seems to be where we are right now.


  2. Understanding all the workings of money is my weakness; I simply did not pay attention, and now I realize I should have. Anyhow, I am now and I have watched this vid a couple of times. Powerful points on how they steal from us. Then I sent it to a trusted friend to see what his take was. Below is what he wrote back and it helped me understand that it’s all about who issues, and once the people do that, we will be the ones who reap the benefits. Here’s what he wrote:

    The fact is fiat per se does not debase the people when it causes inflation due to fractional reserve lending at interest or usury, because the people are the beneficiaries of credit as opposed to now, they are the slaves of debt. Inflation cannot harm them because they issue and receive the dividends as credit. So the crux point is public credit versus public debt. It has nothing to do with fiat and usury but with WHO issues.

    I would say this video is almost there, it presents good facts, but it cannot take the headshot needed to eliminate the tribe. The quote by Jefferson lamenting the need for an amendment to eradicate private debt money and mandate public credit, shows there was no real power behind the revolution other than the Illuminati setting up a secular flagship nation to rule the world for the City of London. America completed the trilateral with religion, money, and military as Washington was intended to bring unassailed power to the global web of private debt.

    The rallying cry to change everything would be “public credit not private debt” …let the people prosper and be free of the chosens up there on top the pyramid. Let the goyim who understand the structure of banking which is not rocket science, run their own credit and see how things go from there. 


    1. Excellent reply from your trusted friend, who I suspect is Henry, as I’ve seen no one write as he does.

      He not only hits every nail on it’s head, but drives them flush on the first swing.

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