4 thoughts on “The Refreshments – Let It Rock

  1. The musicians doing this piece of music, had such a great time in so doing !that ,in itself, uplifts all who become a part of the performance….viewers too.
    I have something like 600 music videos on my computer and myself a musician since, best I know, age 5,,,,,,still am, and forever will be….I am excited Henry and staff, wife also, have included a bit more music events into their programing…..these people, of this site, have one of biggest hearts to be found on open internet today….and dealing with one of the most profound difficulties of today while keeping themselves intact….bless all of them rbeason

      1. certainly….and a person need not have been a musician or aspirations there of, to appreciate fine music of the many genry’s available on recordings or in person going down to live performances to understand beauty……….
        And let us all share……….the best of our souls…via music…..

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