The seven ways to stop the NSA from gaining intel on you

The seven ways to stop the NSA from gaining intel on youPrepper Podcast Radio Network – by James Smith

You cannot swing a dead cat without hitting a news story about the National Security Administration (NSA) finding ways to glean information about your personal life. From learning your sexual proclivity to your bank’s PIN, they seem to have an animalistic hunger for your personal details.

The information I am giving you is life changing. It offers freedom where there is captivity. And, believe it or not, actually works!  

#1 Get rid of your smart phone.

Your smart phone is the first way the NSA has its claws into you. From your location to your banking info, which any rogue NSA agent can sell (think Edward Snowden with gambling debts), your smart phone is a liability.

Changing to a simple cell phone means you can’t keep up to date with your Facebook buddies, but that’s okay. They don’t like you anyways. And the NSA may be able to track your phone calls and location despite your best efforts. This is one way you can keep the NSA and local law enforcement wondering where you’ve been.

Open the back of the cell phone and locate the GPS chip like these:

GPS chips 300x124 The seven ways to stop the NSA from gaining intel on you

And apply a hot soldering iron to the center for a few seconds. Repeat a few times. That will damage the chip to the point of being unreliable or inoperative.

One GPS website, in 2009 stated:

“This type of technology would also make these GPS tracking chips for children too. In fact, it would probably enable a future society to be able to know the exact location of every person in the world at the exact same time! If I wanted to get all 1984-esque, if there was a small microphone on the cell phone component then you would know where everyone in the world was and what they were talking about at any given moment. Now that would be something.”

They had no idea how accurate they were in their prognostication, however, the NSA was in full swing of knowing where people were by the GPS chips in their cell phones.

#2 Delete your Facebook Account

Actually, get rid of all your social media accounts. Facebook is losing more followers than President Obama, and Twitter is REALLY overpriced for the value they hold. If you must use social media – limit it to work issues only, such as current sales and special offers. Private information should stay private. No one, including the NSA, needs to know of problems in your personal life. Save that for #5 and $6.

#3 Use your email only for business issues

Email is one of the fastest forms of communication. But by spending a modest 50 cents, you can hand write a simple letter to loved ones on the current issues in your life. It doesn’t matter if you a poor writer – the recipient only know that you cared enough to write them. Handwritten letters are becoming a lost art, so help preserve something for future generations. The NSA can scan emails within a millisecond, but it requires time to open letters, scan them, generate an OCR replica, and translate that into useable text, and then close up the letters.

If the SOB’s want your private information, make them work for it.

#4 Limit the amount of phone calls you make

It’s one thing to call home and find out what the missus needs from the grocery store, and it’s another to carry out detailed plans for a weekend hunting trip. Telling your friend over the phone to have them bring their .50 cal BMG for target practice only lets the NSA know that your friend has a .50 cal BMG! Save these types of conversation for #6.

#5 Engage in pillow talk

Pillow talk, or the talk of post-coital lovers, is the best way to express your undying love for each other without the NSA poking their noses into your life. People should be too busy living their lives to be concerned about the lives of others.

Pillow talk is the ultimate form of the “SCREW YOU, NSA” that can be imagined. They can’t tap it and they can’t know what’s being said unless they send a drone to your house, or bug it. Again, it takes time and resources to make that happen. Time and resources they don’t have.

#6 Throw a BBQ / football party

If you’re an American – enough said. But for the non-American, BBQ’s are where people go to fry animal flesh, consume it with copious amounts of beer or other adult beverage, and have a good time.

If you have something that has to be discussed that may be considered “anti-government”, then this is the time. Any plans for a survival group, bug out prepping group, or senior citizen sewing bee, this would the best time and place.

Again – make the SOB’s at the NSA work for the data. They get paid by the hour, and they are as lazy as any government drone.

#7 Have dinner as a familydefeat NSA 300x204 The seven ways to stop the NSA from gaining intel on you

Having dinner as a family strengthens the family unit and has since the beginning of time. Study after study has shown that dinners as a family strengthens the bond that ties us together. The NSA will have to spend incredible resources to listen into your conversation every night. Amplify that 100,000,000 times, and you can see where the power of the family can deny the government spying on all of our lives with ease.

Family dinners give us the opportunity to privately discuss prepping plans, vacations, and to air personal grievances without letting it leech out into the public arena. And for good measure, keep the cell phones somewhere else. And if someone says something that bothers you – talk to them face to face. Don’t take it to social media for all, including the NSA, to know.

If it was good enough for the 1950’s, when the government couldn’t spy on all of us, it’s good enough for 2014.

We need less government intrusion, and more family commitment. We need each more Mom and Dad, and not Big Brother or Big Sis to advise us.

Because what Mom and Dad does will be out of love. Big Brother/Sis will act out of a need to control and make us conform.

And I choose Mom and Dad.

4 thoughts on “The seven ways to stop the NSA from gaining intel on you

  1. I’d like to add – don’t shop for any supplies online, either. Seeds, gardening supplies, ammo, etc. Find your local Co-Op, independent garden center or nursery, and gun shop. Not the big chains, just locally owned if you can find it. The advice you get, off line, will be worth any increase in price. And it keeps the money local, where it belongs.

  2. I have to agree with buy local. That is the best policy, especially the Mom and Pop stores. We do this as much as we can, I hate the big box stores, they are just so sterile and remind me of communism.

  3. So basically stay off the cellphones, emails and social media. No problem for me!

    I have a cellphone for emergencies only, no social media accounts and only send emails when I need to.

    Piece of cake.

    However, to the sheeple out there,

    “OMG! I can’t live without my SMART phone! OMG! I can’t live one minute without knowing what Little Joey is doing at this very moment on Facebook! Maybe I should email him?”

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