8 thoughts on “The Soldiers Who Died Under the Confederate Flag Were Americans Who Loved Their Country……..Not Their Government

  1. I seriously hope that any politically correct idiot who pulls one of those Confederate flags out of the ground gets beaten to a pulp on the spot.

    1. That’s not likely to happen JR, unless there’s someone standing guard, and have it within them to step forward to prevent it. It appears that it is also the case with our country. We have plenty who say they will defend our land, but I haven’t seen anyone do anything other than banter around the commando keyboard! It’s time to take it to-em, not wait for them to overwhelm us at our doors.

      1. I don’t like the ‘commando keyboard’ thing, as I am one of the people who have actually taken it to the streets and I seem to remember that all the tough asses saying, ‘somebody needs to do something’ turned into a puddle of shit when the rubber met the road.
        So don’t come up and tell other people what they ought and not to be doing, just step up and do it. It doesn’t take a crowd to defy, though it is the individual who takes the lumps when the individual steps up and all the other big talkers turn tail.

    1. Strap on a suicide bomber’s vest, walk into the nearest pig station, and detonate.

      I’ll be right behind you all the way.

      In spirit.

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