The US Energy Policy – Planned Power Outages

power outagesSave America Foundation – by Fred Brownbill

Recently, I had a lively discussion with an acquaintance that lives in Texas who was disagreeing with my premise that America is no longer operating under a free market system.

I used the following example…

1.  Obama, while running for president in 2008, stated that “his plan” will cause consumer utility prices to “necessarily skyrocket” (like that’s a good thing)

2.  Obama administration (EPA) announces implementation of plans to close over 1100 coal-fired plants (over 30 Giga watts) that will drive up energy prices through the induction of artificial scarcity.

3.  Obama names Jeffrey Imelt (CEO of GE) as head of the Economic Advisory Council

4.  One month later Obama administration gives GE a waiver for its coal-fired plants

5.  Austin announces closing its coal-fired plants

All during this period, the government restricted natural gas drilling and exploration.  Concurrently, natural gas plants were bought up for pennies on the dollar by GE and others…

Then, in a dramatic reversal of a 30-year ban, natural gas leases were “opened up”, nowcoal-fired plants will be bought up at pennies on the dollar by government-favored mega-corporations like GE, then converted to natural gas.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&bvm=bv.42261806,d.cGE&fp=3862490269f17a47&ion=1&biw=1241&bih=606

This is what Fascism looks like…

Fascism is when Government is secretly in league with select “insider” corporations to use federal regulations to starve out the competition, while bestowing favors (waivers) to these connected corporations that come in and buy up the competition in a fire-sale that they engineered all along.  This is not a free market process.  This is corrupt government predation fueled by bribery, racketeering and fraud.

I do not point the finger at Obama.  He is just a puppet.  This defines the modus operandi of the powers that control both political parties.

It is crippling the nation…


My friend said, “well, just sounds like business as usual in DC”  (like that’s an inevitable maybe even a good thing).  I will not be attending his dinner parties in the future.

The biggest enemy of our Republic is apathy, inaction and a failure to take personal responsibility for our government.

Most of us have forgotten that America was founded on the revolutionary principle of “self-government”

So now this grand experiment is being progressively hijacked by a small cabal of would-be, control-freak tyrants, who are hell-bent on our wholesale destruction for their own pleasure.

2 thoughts on “The US Energy Policy – Planned Power Outages

  1. No problem here, I will feel like if I was back home, in Cuba, where power goes on and off at any time.

    This is why I have solar power and generators ready to go on at any time.

    1. Yep, Ponce, and watch Obama pass an executive order to take those solar powered cells away and ban them because it is cutting into corporate profits and they need you to be dependent on them for everything. Also, don’t forget, according to their insane logic, you don’t control the sun, they do and you are being selfish by taking all of the sun’s energy for yourself and not sharing it with the populace, using respectable corporations to responsibly and systematically allocate the sun’s energy to others for a nice hefty fee. Fascism at its best! Sick ain’t it? Be prepared for it because it will happen if it has not already been done so.

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