The Viral Experiment

Published on Jul 7, 2016 by The Woolshed Company

The Woolshed Co. presents a two-year social experiment exploring the phenomenon of ‘viral’ videos and shareable content.

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Series Produced By DAVE CHRISTISON

3 thoughts on “The Viral Experiment

  1. You can not take any video or audio presented to you at face value. The Media, the government and NASA all present the news as real and it is all likely faked or engineered to fit an agenda. I thank the hive mind of the internet for showing the public the inconsistencies spotted in the media.

  2. Since the movie “Wag the Dog” (talk about predictive programming!), it is clear to me that most videos are either completely faked or almost completely faked. I wonder also if that applies to videos of some of the evil things cops do…I know cops can be psychos (verified by my ex-cop friend), but some of the stuff posted on some sites about the evil cops do (and re-posted here) makes me wonder if those videos are real, and how does one verify they are real.

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