11 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches – April 2, 2018

  1. 47 now, 51 hi, 30 lo. Overcast for the next 3 days, then rain every day for about a week or more.

  2. Now 36, high 38, low 25. Cloudy and windy.
    They’re talking 5 to 6″ of snow tonight through Tuesday.

  3. We’ll be the biggest open-air concentration camp on the planet soon, if these stupid sheeple don’t wake up.

  4. Giving Voice:

    “This whole immigration thing. … When somebody comes in, you know, consider this country into portions, three hundred and twenty million portions that belong to three hundred and twenty million American Nationals. Every time they bring somebody in they take a chunk from everybody. Now that is real property. If our country isn’t real property, we can’t own real property, people, and if it is real property there’s only one way to remove it from us and that is through the procedural due-process in our Bill of Rights.”
    — Henry Shivley, 4/2/18


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