9 thoughts on “Refugee Caravan 2018

  1. To the Refugee Caravan 2018
    We the people of the United States demand that you turn yourself around and go back to your own country, and do it the legal way!
    You are not citizens of the United States
    We demand you to respect our Rights
    You have no right to demand anything of us
    We will not welcome you with open arms
    We will not bow down to your illegal demands
    You have no right to demand the United States to open our borders to you
    We already know you plan to sneak in through the borders, if you get there
    What kind of workshops are you doing?
    1.how to rip off the people of the united states through the welfare system
    2. how to kill and rape our country

  2. Gwen, You took the words right out of my mouth. Well said!
    Turn around now and go back where you came from. Don’t try to come to Canada just because our communist, globalist, a__holist Prime Minister just might let you in.

  3. “That they open the borders to us because we are as much citizens as the people of the countries where we are and/or travel.”

    What proof do you offer to validate that statement.

    Merely SAYING something does not make it so.

    Besides, we already have MORE than enough CITIZENS in this country… so you can call yourselves ‘citizens’ if you like, but we American nationals will call a spade a spade – you’re TARGETS.

    And fertilizer afterwards.

  4. This is a Zionist theatrical event from start to finish. Just read their “press release” (as if any other gang of wetbacks would have a press release)

    I hope every last one of them gets blown to pieces, along with the Zionist traitors who arranged this whole event.

  5. Generators refrigator units and barbed wire being sent to southern Texas, this is a video over at the common sense show on you tube about 25 mins. long. don’t wait too long to visit, they (you tube) have been taking some of his video’s down. i am not saying this is true, but right now we need all the information we can get and decide for ourselves.

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