Tier 5 Prioritize

First Published 10-22-10

If you are among the rich, your priorities might include the purchase of the latest model of Mercedes Benz, a new fur coat, or a dingy for your yacht.  So who are these people?  Well among them you will find those who run for the offices of, and are elected as, our so called representatives.  These people are the elite.  The fact is in order to run a campaign these days; one must be individually wealthy or backed by another who is.  In the second instance, that candidate is left indebted to his or her backer.  So it should be obvious that when those elected and/or those who own the elected are putting their priorities in order, they are doing so from an elitist’s point of view.

Unfortunately for us 99ers, their number one priority is protecting their wealth and passing legislations designed to liquidate more of our property, the proceeds of which they take, so that they can become even richer.   The very idea that these elitists can even comprehend the world that the 99ers are living in is laughable.  Can you imagine one of them spending a sleepless night worrying as to how they are going to pay a utility bill?  The fact is you do not reach the higher echelons in this country unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, preferably a gold one.

Our so called representative government is giving away over $40 billion per year in aid to foreign countries.  The latest numbers which could be found were from 2008, as trying to find current numbers is akin to asking a spouse who has gone on a gambling binge to help you straighten out the check book.  All you get is a big line of bull that leaves you more confused than you were before you asked.

A Tier 5 unemployment extension would cost $30 billion and could be financed with the monies being sent to citizens of 150 foreign countries around the world with $10 billion left over.  By the way, how many of you are aware that we are still giving tens of millions of dollars in foreign aid to China while they are the largest holder of U. S. debt?  Does something smell a little rotten here?

The two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to date have cost us well over $1 trillion, which would finance over 33 tiers of unemployment extensions.

The spend-happy psychos have flung out $787 billion in stimulus monies, which would have financed over 26 tiers of unemployment.

They have also given away $346 billion to banks, insurance, and car companies in bailouts, there’s enough for 11 more tiers.

That’s a total of 71 tiers of unemployment extensions.

I guess we can all see where the priorities of the ruling elite lie.  So we ask, “Do they not see our suffering?”  The answer is that the plight of the 99ers does not even enter the realm of thought among the elite, except in seeing it as a consequence of the dirty deeds they have done, of which they laugh among themselves when the cameras and tape recorders are turned off.  Until we, the 99ers, become to the elite as that utility bill is to us, they will continue to refuse to prioritize a Tier 5 extension.

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