9 thoughts on “Tony Joe White – Ain’t Going Down This Time

  1. I’ve been laying low
    Living in the shadows
    Spending time alone
    Conversations with the wall

    Hanging on
    I’m just trying to matter
    And I remain
    Trying to make some sense of it all

    I’ve been here before
    I’m familiar with the pain
    But I ain’t running no more
    There’s one thing changed
    Ain’t going down this time
    This time I ain’t going down

    Like an undertow
    I feel the promise of the nighttime
    But I’ve been down that road
    And my search came to an end

    I hit the mother load
    Enough blues for a lifetime
    Now I’m digging deep inside
    Trying to find my way back again

    You know you’ve entered
    The danger zone
    When you look in the eyes
    And there’s no one home
    Ain’t going down this time
    This time I ain’t going down

    Deep in the night
    I miss a woman’s touch
    The fire burns strong
    And I’m drawn to the flame

    But I pay the price
    When I get caught up in the heartbeat
    And passion flows

    No one left to blame
    I’m faced with the truth
    And it’s all too plain
    When there’s nothing left to lose
    Ain’t going down this time
    This time I ain’t going

  2. Tony Joe White is a great Loosianan bluesman, ignored by the big recording studios. Probably, his lyrics were so truthful that none of the music media propagandists would touch him.

    Great posts, Angel. How’d you come across him?

    1. 🙂
      We always loved him. 🙂 We grew up hearing/seeing him (our neck of the woods, Tx. ain’t far from La. 😉 ).
      He wrote many songs that were covered and became Hits by others. For example, “Rainy Night in Georgia”. The list goes on and on…
      He’s still going. strong. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Hubby thought he had passed but, at 71, he’s on the road Touring (seems Europe/Australia appreciates American Blues/Musicianship/lyrics more than the USA does 🙁 ).
      I have another one that I’m saving for tomorrow. 😉
      Did you see the one I posted last night? I sent it just for Fun, and because it reminded me of past Trencher’s posts. That search got me going down “Memory Lane” and “Where are they Now”… 🙂 🙂 🙂

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