4 thoughts on “Toronto van attack: Witness video of takedown of person believed to be suspect

  1. Is it me or is it that this van driver doesn’t have appeared to fire his weapon? Also, the cop looks as if he is looking in a completely different direction when confronting the van driver. The cop appears to be yelling at the people standing on the corner and not the van guy pointing his gun.

    Sorry this happened ( if it did) and I’m glad it wasn’t here in the states.

    1. He was holding a black cell phone and yelling at the cop “Shoot Me” ..

      They are saying that this idiot killed all these people and did all this carnage because he could not get lucky with the ladies.

      “Yet one possible explanation has emerged online that suggests Minassian was angry over being rebuffed by women.”

      – rendering men like him “incels,” a term that stands for “involuntarily celibate.”


  2. Look at where he stopped the van…look at the Arabic writing on the business where he tried to have the cops martyr him..

    In case you were thinking it, im going to say it …..there are no coincidences

    when will the libs call for a full ban on the religion of peace and fully automatic assault vans

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