Tragedy at the White House

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The alternative view:

Yesterday at the White House, 34 year old female dental hygienist Miriam Carey was shot to death, riddled by multiple gunshots, as she tried to escape gun wielding thugs in the vicinity of the White House with her young daughter in the car.

Allegedly the young black democrat was suffering from some mental health and post-partum depression issues, which resulted in a death sentence at the hand of Capitol cops.  

As she drove in D.C. in the vicinity of the White House, she became confused by the traffic system and complicated security measures around the Capitol area.  She accidentally took a wrong turn and drove onto a blocked access road to the White House, guarded by a uniformed (and therefore not so secret) member of the Secret Service.

Her one year old daughter had been acting up on the drive and was screaming that she wanted to go to McDonalds. The distracted mother took the wrong turn and was immediately confronted by an aggressive guard dressed in paramilitary uniform, rushing towards her vehicle with gun drawn. With her daughter screaming in terror, Miriam swerved to avoid the guard and accidentally hit an stanchion post designed to deny vehicle access.

Panicking, and with the guard rapidly approaching her car, Miriam backed up and did a u-turn, desperate to escape.  Gripped by an irrational terror, not helped by her mental health issues, Miriam tried desperately to drive away and get her daughter to safety. She was unarmed.

At one point, her car was surrounded  by seven or eight cops, guns drawn and pointed. These men were heroes, facing down a dangerous car and unarmed mother with daughter. To Miriam, she was being threatened with imminent death, guns pointed at her; a prophecy that was soon to turn out to be true, as she drove past several officers desperate to get away, accidentally clipping one of the gun wielding thugs, thus assuring him of a good workplace injury claim.

Miriam was desperate to get away. She was panicked, she did not know what she had done wrong, but all these men were after her with guns. Finally, she was boxed in and unable to get away. She sat frozen in the drivers seat as a cop approached her car and calmly executed her with multiple gunshots through the vehicle door. He is a hero.

Her daughter, traumatized by the death of her mother in the drivers seat as well as the gunfire, was taken hostage by the authorities and will now face a life of abuse in foster care at the hands of the State.

Once it was realized that this was really just a panicked and mentally ill mother trying to get away in her terror, the Capitol Police rapidly went to work on the narrative, getting the story straight, ensuring that they could justify the use of deadly force because Miriam had driven her car at them after trying to ram her way into the White House – a place (palace?) where the man she voted for was getting ready for his next golf game. .

Remember, shoot first, ask questions latter. Don’t let the minions get close to the Emperor, or even think about doing so. Execute them.

Meanwhile after Boston got shut down by martial law and forced home invasions because a young man was hiding in a boat, and now D.C. was shut down in panic due to a young mother driving at speed with her daughter in the car, the world looks on and laughs.

Particularly Iran.


Miriam Carey, RIP.

8 thoughts on “Tragedy at the White House

  1. It will probably take dozens (if not hundreds) of these types of incidents to wake up many of the clueless morons in this country.

    Some won’t even get it till that .40 cal hits the brain.

    Oh well, they weren’t using it anyway.

    1. Even this level of debauchery will most likely NOT wake up the masses of sleeple. only when the black-jack-boot-thugs are doing house to house massacres will the sleeple realize they should have done something about all this fascist criminality. in the meantime, they will continue to give these criminal bastards standing ovations like our bafoonish govt has been doing. i agree with you on the .40 re-mind-er not having much effect.

      1. It’s always been my contention that television is the # 1 cause of stupidity in this country.

        I stand firmly behind that assessment.

  2. Where on earth is the response from the people over this?

    When the Metropolitan Police executed Mark Duggan in Tottenham, it triggered nationwide riots sparked off by riot police bundling and beating to a pulp a 16 yr old teenage girl at a vigil held for Duggan outside the police station, an already angered community had enough and Britain’s people took to the streets.

    Currently the Met are claiming that Duggan sitting in a taxi managed to throw a gun through a closed window over a high wall to where an undercover police officer just happened to be hiding, Duggan appears not only able to ignore the physical laws of passing one object through another he also appears to have mastered throwing objects in multi trajectories, the police officer that shot him claimed he saw through metal stating he had seen him draw and ready a gun, no gun was found on him.

    I can see exactly how this poor woman reacted, she is under stress, child giving her a hard time, probably not coping well as one year old is a very stressful time for some children, got lost and panicked and she lost her life and wasn’t even given a chance to surrender once the vehicle had stopped, I mean where on earth were the people with brains that day? A quick check would have revealed she was a known to no one dental hygienist, that quick check would have revealed her sister was a former police sergeant with the NYPD, just what threat she was seems to be unknown to anyone outside of the state and I think the whole lot of them involved with the shooting, the command of the operation etc should face trial for murder.

    Think how instead of the steroid SS type response how instead of drawing a gun, an officer waved her down and asked her if she was lost? This woman had committed no crime, she was in fear of her life and as it proved she had every reason to flee.

    1. This murder-killing of this young lady is just further proof of a hidden and secret agenda of stazi style lynching-massacres which are promoted by the secret elite cabal and done so to elicit maximum fear and control of a group of slaves by its totalitarian dictatorship. this is exactly how stalin and the bolsheviks who preceded him acted toward the russian people around ww1. then it happened in germany during ww2, now it is happening here in the ussa and lo-behold on the precipice of ww3.

      1. So have we come to the point that we can be killed for simple making a wrong turn and panicking?

        In my view justice is black and white, either you are getting justice or you are getting injustice, governments tend to go for a grey area where their justice is subjective, when you start granting exemptions to that justice e.g. spying, police brutality then the people are receiving a grave injustice.

        I have always been of the firm opinion that a police officer say or a politician should be seen to uphold the law, to follow the law and if they break the law, to restore trust the punishments should also be harsher to reflect that abuse of trust.

  3. And then to see the Congress give a standing ovation to the assassins……MY GOD !!!! We need to kick every one of these S.O.B.’s out of Washington!!!!
    YES….this WAS an assassination.
    And then Obama says to “make it as hard as possible” on the people during this shut-down?!?!!?? Folks, we’re almost there.

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