16 thoughts on “Trencher Alert: No broadcast today

  1. Thank you, Henry. I hope you all really enjoy every moment of your time together, while I join you all in spirit from here, with WFTT in my ears. If you’re playing cards, may you pull the Ace! You got the Ace!

  2. Dear Henry and Laura. Merry Christmas. Oh man, you have no idea how valued you are. A life-raft in a tidal wave. Just want to say I love you. Here are some songs I like, for you and The Trenchers. I hope others will add songs for a Trencher Christmas Concert.

    Bill of Rights Forever, With A Lot Of Love Mixed In,

    Billy Holiday:



        1. Thanks, Misty. And sweet, that that young girl found a creative way to overcome her challenges. I hate the demons who gave her autism.


  3. Merry Christmas, Henry, Laura, and family. As with last year, this Thanksgiving and Christmas times have been wonderful for us. Blessings!

  4. Have a merry Christmas!
    Family time is “beautiful, so beautiful”, as my dad would say. Enjoy your family and thank you for fttwr, I’m happy to be in such good company!

  5. whether you believe in god n Jesus or not.. this time of year IS about family. whether you like it or not.. Family is all we have and in that.. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas. it’s going to get harder to gather. enjoy each other while we can.

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