10 thoughts on “Trenches headquarters seeking donations of oxygen, cough, cough, cough

  1. Man, sorry to see that, Henry. You truly are smack dab in the middle?! Praying for winds to blow it south to California!

  2. Good ol’ wildfires…yep we’ve had plenty of that out here in my mountain-desert neck of the woods. Husband went to Oregon State in mid-70s and he told me Oregon’s dry months were July and August. But I’ve never heard of the amounts of fires you all have had to deal with in Oregon, ever. And in mid-80s with our dog we had at the time we drove all the way up to Crater Lake and then climbed up some mountain (Hood, maybe, not sure). Didn’t know Chiloquin was near Crater Lake. I will pray for rain for you all, Henry and Laura, because I can’t send you fresh air if you know what I mean. (And for the heck of it, July and August is our rainy season if you know what I mean..Keep on being of good cheer.)

    1. What an excellent suggestion, except that it is just too hot up in them mountains…..they are on fire. 🙂

        1. Damn right it sucks, like everybody around here is sucking, trying to find a molecule of breathable air.
          If this kills me, don’t let them cremate me, that is unless it is a foregone conclusion. 🙂

  3. No funding to a sanctuary state

    These fires were and are being set on purpose
    This State is so broke
    And won’t get any money unless they can claim emergency status

    So what do you think the dead heads decided to do?

  4. We’ve been lucky so far.

    We had the worst & longest-lasting smoke I’ve ever seen anywhere… here, last year, so I can sympathize, Henry. 🙁

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