8 thoughts on “Truckers arriving in Ottawa

  1. Amazing!!!!!

    I also can see why they shut off all the traffic cams.

    Amazing how even FOX news is not even reporting this. So much for “fair and balanced”. They’re too busy with the illegal immigrants being flown on charter flights to other cities. A fact that has been going on since the Trump administration. Me thinks they are bringing this up now as a distraction for what’s going on in Ottawa.

    In any case, how come our trucks aren’t forming at DC?

      1. Is YouTube messin’ with us? I click on this link now and no Tucker; it’s just some foreign language 2 minute bit which I at first I thought was an ad. But it ends and doesn’t go to Tucker. I tried a few times, but…

        Anyhow, hope it somehow corrects.


        1. Yea I’m getting a Thai video.

          In any case, I don’t watch Fox News either but I was kinda forced to while sitting in the waiting room while my car was getting fixed. It was over an hour and not a peep about a truck convoy. Only vaccinations and illegal immigrants on charter planes.

        2. Oddly it says there’s 18 comments and I see only one about bananas. They’re pulling tom foolery and shenanigans as always. Damn jootube and joogle.

          1. Thanks, NC and Martist. Yeah, I see the same thing and only showing that one banana comment. Well, at least we know where YouTube can shove that banana.

            So I searched all over for that episode and kept comin’ up short. Now I finally found it on Bitchute. Same 5 minutes beginning @ 30:25. Hope it makes it through:



          2. Yea that video was better. They still tried to downplay it.

            The thing is this movement in Canada is so big and uncontrollable that it’s impossible to downplay any of it. It’s happening in every major city in Canada.

            See here:

            There’s no way all of these people are paid SOROS provacateurs. The people are literally EVERYWHERE with signs and convoys. The cops know they can’t do a damn thing to stop it. It’s impossible.

            THIS is what we need all to do in the US and especially in DC (aka District of Criminals)

            Hell, EVERY country around the world needs to do this. It’s the bell of Freedom and Liberty.

            These Canadians have all put their jobs and lives on hold for a week if not longer, in subzero temperatures mind you, in order to get their country back and they are doing it.

            As I have said once before, all we have to do is sacrifice ONE friggin week of work and do the same to get our country back.

            Like Henry always says, “There are WAY more of us than there are of them.” It’s a no-brainer. It can be so quick and easy. JUST ONE FRIGGIN WEEK, PEOPLE! That’s all it takes to stop this madness and take back our country! Our freedom and our children’s freedom is worth more than a week’s wage, don’t you think? HELL, most people don’t have anything at all.

            WAKE UP, STAND UP and FIGHT!

          3. And don’t forget, unlike the Canadians and other countries, we are all armed to the teeth. It’s no contest.

            We also don’t stop at just fixing the system, we hunt down, arrest and hang all traitors for high treason.

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