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Trump Says He’ll Declare The US Opioid Crisis A National Emergency ‘Next Week’

World Events and the Bible

WEB Notes: So many national and state emergencies in such a short period of time. Those certainly do not sound like blessings do they….

When our Father removes blessings, that means the opposite will begin to take effect on your household or nation in this case.

As a family you stand by God and honor Him. As a nation, things are not looking good at all.

Donald Trump on Monday teased a long-awaited announcement on tackling the crisis of opioid addiction. He also suggested his choice to lead to lead the National Office of Drug Control Policy might be under review.

More than two months after Trump said at his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf club “the opioid crisis is an emergency”, the president said he would probably formally declare it a national emergency with an event next week.

Speaking in a Rose Garden press conference with the Senate majority leader, Mitch McConnell, Trump said: “We’re going to have a major announcement, probably next week, on the drug crisis and on the opioid massive problem.”

Source: Trump says he’ll declare the US opioid crisis a national emergency ‘next week’ | US news | The Guardian

World Events and the Bible

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3 Responses to Trump Says He’ll Declare The US Opioid Crisis A National Emergency ‘Next Week’

  1. Jolly Roger says:

    Why wait for next week?

    I’m guessing they’re trying to figure out what rights violations they can get away with as a result of this “emergency declaration”.

    “If we have to get warrants to search homes we’ll never solve this Opioid crisis”

    Count on some further violation of your rights as a result of this.

    • Mark Schumacher in LV says:

      By doing this, opioid sales will go through the roof. When you make announcements like this, just the opposite happens, sales surge.

      FENTANYL is the new big boy on the block. Just touching the stuff can kill you!

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