Truths and Lies, What Difference Can it Make?

Since the dawn of time there has been the truth and the lie, the truth being reality and the lie a non-reality.  Christians speak of the Garden of Eden, of the Tree of Knowledge, that knowledge being of good and evil, the truth and the lie.

As a child growing up the words most spoken to me by my father were keep your mouth shut, but when you speak, speak the truth.  I believed this to be just my father’s obsession with having me turn out to be a decent human being, but more and more as I faced a world of lies, I found it to be a whole lot more and became obsessed with understanding this phenomenon.  

My time is limited so I will present the following hypotheses.

Traveling down the path of life as a people we had to sustain our lives as we probed the road ahead.  Some were physically more capable of maintaining the life force and had to trust others to explore the path forward.  There came a fork in the road.  The explorers went first to the left, the path of the lie.  They found emptiness, immorality, destruction, pain, anguish, and finally nothingness.

They then probed the path of the right, the truth.  They found a bounty of prosperity and a plenty for all.  How easy it would have been to have lead all down the right path, but then all would have been equally prosperous and equally empowered.

The temptation was just too great.  The truth represented knowledge and power to the few over the all if it could be manipulated.  So, in a sense, being ahead in the game, these few took small portions of the truth and the good it contained and planted them at variable distances down the left path of the lie into the abyss.

When the multitudes came to the fork, the lie was inserted.  In heading down the wrong path the people found just enough of the truth to continue their existence and their journey into the abyss, as the few wallowed in an excess of a plenty to the point of abomination.

The truth is pure power and the few, having the whole truth have used it to manipulate the masses into the abyss to their own destruction.  When anyone discovers the truth beyond the truth being manipulated for the control, the whole weight of the power and resource of the hidden truth is used to destroy through punishing those who would speak the truth, via denial of the resource the truth naturally produces.

Are we so far down the path of the lie that there is not enough truth behind us to sustain us our journey back to those crossroads?  I believe this is where we are as human beings, not only in this country, but on this planet.

In examining the options for return to the whole truth within the system I was born into, I have found the Bill of Rights and the common law, one of those truths planted at the beginning of the path of the lie.  It was the truth that propelled us forward down the wrong path as it was a truth that was compromised from its inception.

If you are a part of the patriot community, you have heard of the four boxes: the ballot box, the jury box, the soap box, and the cartridge box.

I have applied the truth to the ballot box and seen the lie prevail.  I have applied the truth to the jury box and seen the lie prevail.  I now apply the truth to the soap box and again, I see the lie prevailing, but in each instance the lie has had to be revealed in prevailing and the truth of absolutism has had to replace it as logic forces it to be so.

Now, as I stand on the soap box, I have the truth and the lies to show the comparison and establish the fact of the wrong path.  The way back is a bloody fight as the opposition is powerful, as they have had the benefit of knowing the truth all along and have cast a web of lies, designed to discourage and destroy anyone reversing course to seek the fork in the road and take the right path.  But the further we push back toward the fork, the further we move from the lie to the truth.

As the truth is acquired, being institutionalized into the manipulation of the truth by the lie for the material benefit, we turn on each other, using the lie, perceivably to our own benefit, but in reality to the destruction of us all.

If the truth were freely given, and as accepted and acknowledged freely given again, we would accelerate away from the lie.  But as soon as a truth is given, those who receive the truth immediately look to destroy the one who gave it so that they can control it and use it as an advantage over their fellow man and of course they will be aided and rewarded by the original deceivers for their compromise.

My mom used to tell me, “Son, in this life there are takers and givers.”  She made this seem absolute, but if we do not break this trend I tell you we are doomed to destruction.

I have freely given the truth as best as I can ascertain it and have been spat upon and condemned by those who manipulate the truth for advantage.  We live in a world of a plenty where all could live peaceful, fruitful, full lives.  But I have seen that it is the way that when any truth is discovered, it is immediately twisted to facilitate destruction rather than construction, as the few who control through the lie know that in a world of truth they are less than insignificant.

All could be made right with a single simultaneous thought of truth and a resounding NO, because the greatest lie is that the lie is prominent over the truth, as the truth is reality and the lie is non-reality.  This is the lie that is reinforced daily in our lives, but the truth is if we all just said No, the lie would be finished and we would be back at that fork in the road, hanging those original liars and heading down the right path to peace and happiness.

We put out the first notice asking for help in the form of $1 from the 3000 people who frequent the site every day.  Had each one of these people given that dollar per month for the year we would be thriving and able to fight off the constant attacks to shut the site down.  Since December, ninety-five new people have given a total of $3,758.  Now, considering we didn’t put out the call until we were desperate, which is to say facing a couple of thousand dollars in bills we couldn’t pay.  For the money received, coupled with what we make from the ads and from those who have donated a little bit every week or month, we have managed to struggle to today, when again we are being overwhelmed by lack of support.

Make no mistake, we are not promising you anything but a bloody fight in the end.  If we are able to stop the migration down the path to destruction and turn the tide back toward the truth, when we grow closer to the crossroads there will be a bloody battle, like none other ever seen.

We outnumber our enemy a thousand to one, but like you see in the streets today, a handful of heavily armed oppressors have us corralled and this is how they have maintained control, through their manipulation through their lies over a hundred years.  They have managed to contain and weaken us, but within the majority of us as exampled in the Trenches, the ember of truth remains and beyond their containment lies endless fields of dry grass in every direction.  If we do not fail ourselves, sooner or later, one, then two embers are loosed in the grass and the fire is unleashed.

Via my experience with the ballot box and the jury box, and now the soap box, I see the enemies’ desperate and only recourse being bribes for concession and compromise, but if the truth spreads to enough, well they will not sacrifice all in an effort to bribe.  This is when they will play the final card and seek to pay a few of us a lot to destroy us all.

They know, like I know that within the truth there is a plenty for all, but a plenty will never be enough for these people, as they crave something we cannot comprehend, and that is them sitting in comfort and bliss as they watch the rest of us pass that final marker on the road to hell, called the Georgia Guidestones.

Like the ballot box and the jury box, I will push this soap box until there is nothing left.  When it is gone it will not have died for a lack of the truth, but for a lack of support of that truth.  Even if we manage to survive and push back, I know there is a river of blood that lies between us and those original cross roads.  Just how much blood depends on how much truth we can amass before we reach the final barrier.

Help us if you will, but realize never in your life will you do more to help your progeny and yourself than you do when you support our absolutely righteous cause.

26 thoughts on “Truths and Lies, What Difference Can it Make?

  1. Henry…
    That was very heartfelt.
    But I have to confess.
    I am also under financial attack.
    Ever since I started to hang out here.
    I just keep getting fkd with.
    If it isn’t the DA in Vegas…
    The VA…
    The LDS state patrol.
    The Insurance company.
    The DMV…
    It’s a hell of a thing to have the burden to carry the cross of truth.
    I don’t mean to whine…
    They’re fkn with me too.

    Besides microwaving me with their cell towers trying to give me a fkng heart attack.

    But… just know if things go to sht.

    I’ll have a place for you here.
    Maybe that will give you some comfort.

    1. Thank you, brother, and thank you for all you’ve done.
      Others will have to step up to help and put themselves to the hazard.
      I don’t know what people think, but if they won’t stand with us now, what does anybody think it is going to be like when the need is for beans, bullets, and bandages?
      In my old age I find myself wondering what life could have been like if I would have just said f#@k everybody else and taken care of myself. But then again, to what end? Either we have to fix this or leave our failure to our children and grandchildren, which is only going to be worse and worse.
      Again, thanks for being there.

  2. Ezekiel. .25:17
    The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men.

    Blessed is he in the name of charity and good will that shepherd the weak through the valley of darkness.

    For he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children.

    And I will strike down upon thee great vengeance and furious anger.

    Those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers.

    And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you.

    1. You are a decent human being, brother, but the problem is there are too many agendas. Instead of concentrating on a single goal, there are those who would see the rest of us suffer in putting off the inevitable to manipulate something other than the Bill of Rights that would leave them with the control over their fellows. A couple more generations suffering to have their theocracy is a really good deal for you and me.
      I’ve been ready to fight for 30 f#@king years. In that time, I’ve seen a lot of people make a lot of money off the misery with their promises of pie in the sky by and by. Guess it is like GM, a generational career.
      Until the people being the most affected say, leave, follow, or get the f#@k out of the way, we will continue down that dark path and one day, if enough of us don’t realize it soon enough, we will pass the point of no return.

      1. I think the spirit of rebellion is bigger then we realize, the folks at Google might have a better idea what the numbers amount to. I imagine many who view the site are potentially scared to donate plus people are used to this type of media generating enough revenue from ads.
        As you have stated before Henry, having the folks who sell prepper goods step up with ads is what is needed, its just a shame people are still too politically correct for the times.
        If you needed to hock some bs or run some bs ads I would not mind so long is it does not comprises your integrity, just my thoughts.
        Trencher gear would be cool, we have some graphic designers among us Henry, myself included.

        1. I think the spirit of rebellion is very predominant and it is the mission of the folks at Google to suppress the idea, using any means necessary.
          I know that a lot of people are scared to donate and that was one of my points. If you are scared to support the truth in words, what makes anyone think these people are going to nut up and enforce it with lead?
          The site should by all rights produce more than the revenue it needs, but again, the Jews control the economy through control of the currency. Don’t forget the gun stores who had their bank accounts pulled at the suggestion of Eric Holder. If they would do that to a gun store just for being a gun store, what would they do to us?
          As far as the people making the fortunes off this misery selling prepper goods helping us, why should they? Something for nothing is the American way and 99.99% of these people selling prepper goods are system sucking vulture capitalists.
          And finally, all but a couple of our ads are bs ads. It’s like this, in bs ads you may be paid as much as 50 cents a click or as little as 3, depending on your content. What do you think we are getting?
          I appreciate the suggestion of enterprise on the site, but the fact is as previously noted, the site is very large. It has gotten to the point that anything more we do is taking away from our sleep. And the sickest part of all is that the enemies to the truth and to our freedom are well financed through the corrupt system that uses our own resources to destroy us.

          1. I fully understand your points, and you may be right about the people not willing to speak up not joining the fight but at least they may resist in their homes further knocking down the enemies forces. I’m trying to stay positive and flexible, I welcome any change needed to keep the site functioning so long as the message is the same.
            To anyone reading this you are already on a list, I don’t think a donation changes that fact.
            You can always call out to trusted trenchers for support in other ways as well, with the goal of freeing up time.

  3. Hi Henry and Laura,
    A card and donation is on it’s way to you!
    Thank you for all you do!


  4. Morn guys, very to the heart of the matter Henry, good read, I will share everywhere I can, I will continue to send what I can afford, and continue to support the drawings, I ended up here because I was and always am seaking the truth of the matter, when we lose these soap boxes, many will be left only hearing what propaganda is being spewed by the enemies….

    I encourage all to give as able, get prepared locally with implements needed for what is coming, promote this site, but mostly get your mind set strong for when that day arrives, as tyranny comes to our doors making claims….that is when many of us may fail…..

    Again, thank u for all you are doing & have done, I hope for all of us, that this fight will start & end with us, so we can pass truth & freedom to our children…

    DTTNWO Eternal….norm

  5. Do not know if you have received any of my donations IN CASH wrapped in aluminum foil in your mailbox, Henry–sorry but I don’t trust PayPal or the rest, but I don’t trust the Post Office either, so, when you get the donation, please let me know via e-mail, and I will post the e-mail address in the note along with the donation. Won’t be much since I am now on a fixed income (which isn’t much either!). Not that I don’t trust you–it’s mankind in general I don’t trust. I trust in God. Period, end of story.

    1. DL,
      We thank every person who donates, either by email or written correspondence. The only time we do not is when we see the donation in an envelope with no return address.
      If anyone donates and an email or an address is available and you don’t get an acknowledgement and a thank you, we did not get it.

  6. ‘Scared to donate’ ? People, that is the LEAST of things you need to be scared about. IMO that is a BS excuse. It seems the truth is just too damn expensive for some.

  7. “If you are a part of the patriot community, you have heard of the four boxes: the ballot box, the jury box, the soap box, and the cartridge box.”


    The idiot box.

    It’s done more damage to the truth than the first 3 combined.

    I should be able to send you something soon, Henry.

  8. Thank you and bless you Henry et al. I also see rebellion and awakening, especially among younger folk. There was a certain amount of outcry at the cancellation of Tim Allen’s show which supposedly is about a man with conservatives values. I’ve never seen it but I think this uprising says something about what the people want, and even though it’s only a t.v. show it was going up against the liberal insanity. Evidently the ratings were high so that wasn’t the reason for cancellation. See:

    and, you likely saw this already, but…


  9. Dont go anywhere Henry / Laura
    I’ll try my best to send you something as soon as i can

    thank you for connecting RT Hawk an I
    this community must live on
    I have no doubts this is a very daunting task you two have taken on, I respect your resolve , and know it has to be a Sht ton of work
    I want you to know it isn’t taken for granted especially by me

    I have shied away due to my own OPSEC procedures i have followed for most of my life , it was even hard for me to contact RT and or give you a legit email for me , trust me its not you , or the people here that cause me to act this way .. its the Dam ass holes inside the belt line and the way they conduct themselves ..ala Seth Rich and Foster ..etc..
    we are all a legitimate threat to their lies , its no joke
    please keep yer head on a swivel , and practice mag change outs daily

  10. I just had a new game show idea.
    It’s called…
    Who are the shills .

    It’s simple…
    All you have to do is ask a few questions.

    Where does your income come from…?
    Who do you work for…?
    Are you collecting any government income. ?
    SSI. Medicaid…Medicare. ..military retirement benefits.. ????
    How do you have so much free time to fk off all day to post articles…and comments.
    Are you independently wealthy….?

    Yeah…I’ve gone pyscho monkey.

    But you know who I’m talking to…

    It’s the poster that gives us nothing but bad news.

    Unfortunately there’s nothing about that.

    Get a fkng life.

    I think I’ve just about had enough of bad news.

    It’s a construct.

    Henry ..Laura…

    Please block me.
    Because I’m gonna rip someone a new azzhole.


  11. Dear Mr. Shivley,
    Thank You for that wonderful essay.
    I am unable to help financially. Yet I would be willing to post the above article at my website, with your permission.

    The Wandering Website is currently located at:
    I host it locally myself on my own PC.

    1. Of course you may repost it and we are grateful to you for doing so, just please give a link back to the source.

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