U.S. Markets Recover After Brexit

World Events and the Bible

As you can see from the chart below the DOW has nearly recovered from the stock market collapse caused by the panic surrounding the Brexit. This is why we cautioned in our recent post about panicking. There is never a reason to panic, it only places human emotion into a situation and removes your ability to rationalize a situation.  


Will the global economic system collapse at some point? Absolutely and it will be for the benefit of thechildren of Satan. We were told the world would explode if the Brexit vote passed. The vote was in favor of the exit, yet the world still marches on. Do not allow yourself to be used as a pawn in their game. Britain despite the vote has not left the European Union and Cameron their Prime Minister has not stepped down. This still may happen, in the interim this “vote” will be used to gain more influence for Britain in the European Union (E.U.) and as we have reported the Eurocrats are using this event to push efforts to make the E.U. more powerful and create a E.U army. The E.U. may still collapse, but it will not be due to the globalists failing. Rather, it will be due to the fact another global government structure will rise in its place. The globalists are not loosing ground, they are gaining ground.

How can we be so quick to forget the “citizen vote” of the Greeks recently? The citizens rebelled against the E.U. and where did that vote get them? No where. Instead, we saw the efforts of the citizens of Greece be used in vain. The will of the people is not being followed, rather the will of the globalists. Instead of listening to everything the mainstream media has to say, open your eyes and see what is actually happening.

Last, but not least. Avoid the constant fear and hype of a global market collapse. Yes it will happen, but screaming collapse at every news event only reduces your credibility.

World Events and the Bible

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