Unemployment Rate Drops to 7.7%, Jobs Con Continues On

The unemployment rate fell to 7.7% following February’s Jobs Report and the mainstream propaganda machine is claiming yet another economic boom.  The mainstream’s credibility rating has dropped to 6%, even lower than the rating for Congress, which is lower than a cockroach.  The jobs numbers that just came out are a fraud and here is why.

It is reported that 296,000 jobs were created in February and we are being told that this is sufficient to drop the unemployment rate.  Let’s look at these 296,000 jobs and, just for the sake of argument, say that they were all created in the United States. 

In the month of February there were 1,395,000 new jobless claims filed. Now we will be extremely generous and say that a quarter of those went straight back to work within the month, which leaves 1,046,250 newly unemployed.  Now take that number away from the 296,000 jobs they say they created and you have a deficit of 750,250 unemployed. That is a negative number and we are not done yet.

100,000 foreigners are coming to this country every month on work visas, so that is 100,000 more of those created jobs that American nationals did not get.  So we must deduct them from the number.  Now the deficit is at 850,250 and we are not done yet.

By this fraudulent government’s own admission, there are 350,000 new workers added to the workforce each month, comprised of those graduating high school and college and coming into the workforce for the first time and they could not have gotten those jobs, as they did not exist as evidenced by the negative number, so they too must be deducted.

In the end equation we have a deficit of jobs to potentially employable Americans for the month of February at 1,200,250 and somehow this negative number is transformed into a positive number causing a drop in the unemployment rate.  The 7.7% rate is a fraud as dictated by the math.

The government and the mainstream propagandists know without any question that they are putting out false numbers and those perpetrating the fraud of the stock market know the numbers are a fraud, yet they use them as an indicator as to why the stock market keeps going up.

As a part of this con to sell us on this phony boom, we are being told that the average American’s wealth is increasing through the increase in reference to home prices.  Yet again, a mathematical equation is being manipulated.  Home prices are going up, but the buying power of the equity in the home is going down as the dollar continues to decrease in value, as more foreigners are coming into our country and buying up real estate, which drives up the price of real estate, as the bringing in of the foreign owned fiat dollars further drags the value of the dollar down.

This, coupled with the obvious net decline in American jobs, is a swirl that is sucking the wealth out of our nation and the powers that be will continue to push this façade until they have squeezed every dollar from private savings accounts into the stock market that the fools who still have wealth will allow themselves to be conned out of.

Then we are going to see the great crash and we are going to see it on every front, as we realize the extent of the fraud we have allowed these foreign insurgents to perpetrate upon us for the past hundred years.

Do not be deceived.  This is not rocket science.  In fact it is only third grade math, well it used to be third grade math.  With any luck, maybe those with a couple years of college can figure it out.  Suffice to say that anyone who buys into this con deserves exactly what they will be getting.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

8 thoughts on “Unemployment Rate Drops to 7.7%, Jobs Con Continues On

  1. 18 to 25 year olds unemployment numbers are at 50%. This group of the population, who are the most important, might as well have fallen off the face of the planet. They’re screwed with college loans,car loans, and having a decent life in general.

    These will be the front lines of the upcoming cleaning out of the commie government impostors.

    1. 24 years old and I just got a job at a restaurant after 2 years with no real job(last one was walmart) and I went 3 years before that.
      Only a idiot will believe the economy is improving now as Jefferson said the sheep are getting kicked out of their homes and everything is going up and they know something is wrong.

  2. I will make it simple for you. In the last year we have added 5 million people to the population in the U.S.A. So 5 million divided by 12 comes out to 416,666
    That’s the number of jobs we need a month JUST to keep up with population growth

  3. Henry, Henry, Henry… Didn’t you know that two negatives cancel out each other to make a positive??? HAHAHA!!! Just kidding, Bro!

    Another excellent article Henry. I will be passing this on

  4. As a 56 year old professional who has been out of work for 23 months and cannot find any type of job, I can attest to the fact the economic boom is a complete FARCE!

  5. Today, I trained a person for the call center job I work at. He who was originally from South Central L.A. (Your territory #1NWOhatr).

    Anyways, he has an International Business degree, a minor in Architecture and is going to school again for Exercise Science and Medicine, yet he works at Home Depot and at the company that I am working at making minimum wage. He is also well aware of the impending collapse that is about happen and is up to date on everything that’s been going on.

    If this guy, who has almost three degrees can’t find ONE good job and has to take two shitty jobs, then there is NOTHING real about those MSM unemployment numbers. I told him this and he agreed with me, completely.

    Since he knows education is a farce in this country, he says he’s considering just quitting school in order to further work two jobs and prepare more for the inevitable collapse.

    In conclusion, the unemployment number is as phoney as 3 dollar bill, fiat or not.

    1. I met a guy like that at my job though he’s 34 years old and we talk all the time about the impending fall and how it is.
      Like I said only an idiot would buy the horse pie that’s coming from the main stream media and even the sheep who stick their head in the ground at least know something is wrong.

      Also the plenty of people I know who go to college who know about the state of the economy and etc are just going to drain the beast and get what they can from the cronies who rip them off to benefit themselves.

      Might as well as when the collapse happens people won’t be doing good even if they prepare.

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