US Authorizes Preparations For War With China

Before It’s News – by Mort Amsel

The United States is preparing for a war with China, a momentous decision that so far has failed to receive a thorough review from elected officials, namely the White House and Congress. This important change in the United States’ posture toward China has largely been driven by the Pentagon.

There have been other occasions in which the Pentagon has framed key strategic decisions so as to elicit the preferred response from the Commander in Chief and elected representatives.  

A recent case in point was when the Pentagon led President Obama to order a high level surge in Afghanistan in 2009, against the advice of the Vice President and the U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan.

The decision at hand stands out even more prominently because (a) the change in military posture may well lead to an arms race with China, which could culminate in a nuclear war; and (b) the economic condition of the United States requires a reduction in military spending, not a new arms race.

The start of a new term, and with it the appointment of new secretaries of State and Defense, provide an opportunity to review the United States’ China strategy and the military’s role in it.

Let their be no doubt that a future conflict between China and the US is inevitable.  China sees itself as the successor to the US as the world’s lone superpower.  The US is in declne and has been for years now while China maintains a steady upward climb.  China continues to develop weapons quicker than we think they can, they now have an aircraft carrier and plan for several more in the coming years.

Meanwhile sequester is going to shrink our navy, our air force and our standing army.  An army that is stretched thin.  The US has forces deployed all over the world.  That is what an imperial empire does.  For every 1 American there are 4 Chinaman.  How it will all play out is anyone’s guess.  I think the longer the US waits, the more level the playing field.  There is more analysis and detail in the actual article in the link above.  I suggets you read it.  It could be the main front of World War 3. -Mort

20 thoughts on “US Authorizes Preparations For War With China

  1. They can start all the wars they want.
    THEY have to go fight them.
    NO AMERICAN will serve any more.
    Send the gun-grabbing talking heads and their political allies.
    AMERICANS will REFUSE to serve.
    All the gun hating War Mongers can get muddy and bloody.

  2. Here are some VOLUNTEERS !!!
    The Romneys wrap themselves in the American FLAG but NEVER wrap themselves in an American UNIFORM.
    (1) Grandpa Romney ran to Mexico to dodge American laws, then FLIP-FLOPPED back to America when Mexico got dangerous.
    (2) Daddy Romney NEVER SERVED through WWII and Korea.
    (3) MITTENS Romney used “missionary” deferments to DODGE the Viet Nam draft.
    (4) FIVE sons, and NOT ONE ever wore an AMERICAN UNIFORM.
    The only thing “conservative” about the Romney Family is conserving THEIR OWN BEHINDS.

  3. The United States government just sold 50 square miles of Idaho land to China. Would you do this if you were really preparing for war with someone or is this the new legal disinformation campaign .

    1. From a monetary standpoint, it makes perfect sense. Sell the Chinese a whole lot of land (which, btw, ISN’T yours to sell in the first place), at premium prices. and then start a war with them. If you lose (NOT), then you’ve already made bank on the (stolen) land you sold them.

      On the other hand, if you win, then you don’t need to go overseas to occupy the (stolen) land they bought and paid for in this country.

      Don’t think for a minute that these scumbags don’t know how to make a buck…………

      On ANYTHING.

  4. This war would have to go nuclear.
    The money can be printed.
    A draft can be called.

    However, the US doesn’t have the manufacturing back-bone like it had in WW2 to manufacture war materials. China is the world’s factory.

    And who would benefit from a 3 way war between the US/NATO, CHINA, and Russia…?? I know the answer.


      1. Bingo! And as a parting gift, when all’s said and done, humanity gets to lose 90% of it’s people (That’s their plan).


        1. You do have a point there, but that would be a major act of desperation on the part of the Zionists and they’d have to push China pretty hard in order to make that happen and I mean REAL hard. The Chinese government is not easily intimidated. But that’s just from my experience in living in China.

    1. “The US doesn’t have the manufacturing backbone like it had in World War II.”
      Maybe so, but when we cut off our raw resources that are feeding the Chinese industry, it will be crippled. And while the Chinese are scrambling to find a new source for everything, including technology, we will use that time to retool. And then we are going to wipe the f#@king floor with them.

      1. Perhaps, but they aren’t only getting resources from the US, that’s why we see them everywhere in Africa and South America.

        Technology? Clinton let them steal the W-88 nuke warhead. At that time our most advanced. And Israel has been caught selling US weapons and secrets to China.

        Retool? From a largely service economy with many, many uneducated? Remember the decay to low manufacturing took the better part of 10 years. I doubt it can be turned around over-night.

        This also assumes there isn’t a surprise EMP or something along that line in the way of gray terror.
        Israel is most associated with sophisticated false flags, but others are very capable.

        Is it worth it to China? Probably not, but it’s probably worth it to Israel and the house of Rothschild.

        I think any such war might push the US over the cliff.
        America is in very shaky and dangerous territory.
        The central bankers are in charge for the time being.
        And all they do is lead to ruin.

        This is why I think it would go nuclear rapidly.
        If it was only against China that’d be one thing…but what if Russia gets involved?


    2. I think certain individuals are overestimating their payoff in the event of a 3-way…or a Russia/china vs NATO 2-way.
      Once Barry realizes that the chinamen will beat them in conventioal…that shiny red buttonmay get very tempting. But that will probably screw up the whole globe? What do they expect to be conquerors of??? A big burning pile o’ shit?
      This is all crazy. Best of luck to ya!

  5. This is bullshit and makes no sense. America is not going to use military warfare with China. If they did, they wouldn’t be selling China all our property and they wouldn’t be inviting Chinese generals into the Pentagon and they wouldn’t be buying things made in China nor would they send all their manufacturing companies to China.

    Yes, they are practically harassing and blockading the China sea and trying to suffocate China, but at the same time a war with China would be a war of attrition and even possibly a nuclear war as well. And since Obama is in love with China, and Russia is on China’s side, Obama and the elite would have to be even more insane to go to all out military warfare with them and I have to believe no real American soldier would even go and fight in such an insane war.

    And as “for every 1 American there are 4 Chinaman”? I don’t know. I think they are downplaying that one. I’ve lived in China and I think there is way more than that. I’m thinking maybe as high as 7:1 ratio. But that’s just me. Either way, going to war with China, especially in the state our country is in financially, economically, politically and militarily, it’s suicide. As for China, it would also be suicide as their economy and cost of living is inflated now and is way worse than ours. My mother in law in China can barely afford to buy meat because the cost of food is so high there in Wuhan. Although the government keeps building, their economy is ready to crash as quickly as hours and the government’s only hope is all the gold they are hording for when the collapse comes and I don’t think they are planning on handing it all to their people, especially with the amount of counterfeiting scams and fools gold that they have on every corner. Militarily and politically they are tricky and strong, but only in the size of their population. Their technology however is still pirated and cheap.

    But as I said before, these are the guys that invented “The Art of War”, so never underestimate them. They are the trickiest bastards you’ll meet and would give even the most deceptive Zionist a run for their money, believe it or not, and I think that’s one of the reasons why they are having difficulties in dealing with them. The Chinese are always hanging onto the flank, moving as though they are always second best, but always thinking themselves as number one in power on the inside and are always ready to pounce on the person who claims to be number one like a tiger in a jungle that pounces on its prey and then quickly jumps back into the shadows like a cat that gives you the “What?” look when you try to accuse them of something. They learn from others and know how to adapt to their surroundings quickly and have scapegoats ready and waiting everywhere. Gee that kinda sounds a lot like the Zionists who have been selected to be the presidents advisers throughout each and every administration in history and who are the ones that are really running the show. In other words, they are COMMUNISTS! (To make a long story short. TOO LATE! lol)

    By the way, I’m not saying or implying that China is in any way better than us. Not by a long shot. I’m just giving you some information on their government which is basically no different than ours at this time, as you can see and in which the people are continually suffering both physically and mentally from it.

  6. “Whats confusing you is the nature of my game”
    At some point these antics are bound to get out of control, and then we will probably see the resulting fireworks. Good luck all:-)

  7. The Earth’s population is increasingly becoming outraged at the corruption and intrusiveness of governments/corporations on it. People are unable to exist in this system without feeling stressed constantly at the very least. We’ve had enough. They know it. That’s why they are planning World War 3. We have to stop it. Peace.

  8. Where is this war going to be fought?

    It will be right here in America. Russia, China, will be willing and able to come in from the Artic and Alaska, Mexico and Latin America from Mexico.

  9. The earth is going to have a magnetic pole change. They are preparing for that event. In order for a few wealthy people to survive in the five safe areas, (See Edgar Cayce earth changes) they have to delete a huge swath of humanity. The plan is to kill all but around 6 million Ashkenazi Jews that have a delta-32 gene mutation that acts as an RNA inhibitor making them immune to the diseases they create such as HIV and Hep-b. They can carry and spread it and infect others but they do not get infected.

    Most government are in on this since most are controlled by the zionists. The wars and diseases we are now seeing are designed to kill off those that are fear based and lazy. Many innocents are murdered but the plan is really no different than what Germany did in WWII. Gays, blacks, Safardic Jews, gypsies, etc. will be killed. They put out the bait to create a secondary psychopath through vaccines, junk food, anti-depressants, etc. If you eat the bait, you will be cannon fodder.

    Whites being killed first since the Arian race will defend the others while the opposite is not true.

    That is what I see happening. The protocols of the learned elders of zion spelled it out and they have lived into that plan for nearly 100 years.

    Personally I am not anti-Jew or anti anything else. People will reap what they sow. If they sow fear and destruction, they will reap that. If they sow truth and love, they will reap that. Love creates, fear destroys. Don’t become the enemy. You might win a battle that way but you will surely lose the war. They are powerless without you and with love you can create a society without money.. That renders them powerless. It is only impossible if you think it is.

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