US Said Planning To Hit 8 Sites In Syria After Confirming Chemical Attack

World Events and the Bible

WEB Notes: Confirming? The International Community is only now sending in a group to try and confirm the “attack”. Listen to the US President, “It’s too bad that the world puts us in a position like that.” Put in a position like that? Look folks, the nation of Syria is sovereign, it is not the 51st state and we are trying to protect our citizens. Your mind is being toyed with. Use your head…

Further, how many times has the US killed civilians in bombing missions in Syria now? Plenty of times, more than I am going to count.

Finally, Assad did not gas his own people. This is the same ol story they keep going with so you support yet another bloody war. Have you noticed in the news how ISIS suddenly disappeared and now the main story is Syria and their President Assad?

Camera’s, set, roll um!

The White House is considering eight potential Syrian targets in retaliation for a chemical weapons assault, a US official told CNBC Thursday.

The targets included two airfields and a chemical weapons facility, according to the source, who requested anonymity.

Source: US said planning to hit 8 sites in Syria after confirming chemical attack | The Times of Israel

World Events and the Bible

2 thoughts on “US Said Planning To Hit 8 Sites In Syria After Confirming Chemical Attack

  1. Well I thought this nonsense was behind us, but I also think WW3 has to begin somewhere, and soon, so it may as well be Syria.

    The problem with Syria being used to start the world war is that these BS chemical attacks aren’t going to get the US population rallying behind the president & military, and that’s necessary for long-term popular support.

    I hate to say it, but we’re going to have to take a big home-turf hit before WW3 can be started. (Pearl Harbor, or 9-11 kind of thing)

    If the above-mentioned eight targets are hit, and then we have a chemical attack on US soil that’s blamed on Syria’s revenge, that might do it.

  2. Just the fact these idiots shoot their damn mouth off about it tells you it’s all bullshit. WWF circus act.

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