6 thoughts on “Very interesting

  1. Wow! There she is again!
    I thought the next time she was photographed she would be some 2-bit player in a low budget movie.

    Oh wait……
    She IS!

  2. There’s GOT to be a way to learn her identity! If we can do that, we can figure out HOW she’s being hired to do these scenes…an acting/modeling agency? Is she the niece of some CIA spook? If we can somehow figure out who she is we might be able to piece together the apparatus of how/why “they” keep doing this stuff, and then shut the whole system down!

  3. Well, if nobody else is gonna evem ask, I will. Why is there a subcategory of “crisis actor”? Is that like “method actor”?
    Because, I don’t know, it seems to be rather counterproductive to have that neologism floating around, while at the same time paying pretty people pretending to be serious on the news. Doesn’t that go against the idea of “letting the cat out of the bag”? You see, this crap here is what will bring them down…..never..NEVER get cocky or arrogant around your intended victim. It makes one sloppy. And sloppiness is always noticed. Its a no-no. But thank God theyre just as human as we are. A pattern of continued sloppiness as has been shown since before 9/11 is what will cause them to fall. Instead of interviewing each parent/actor of each particular tragi-theater, why do we have a career option that is guaranteed to make people like me ask stupid questions. We can start with…if they have crisis actors for Sandy Hook, and Al Qaeda/Isis turns out to be fake….well then is the war in Iraq even happening? Or is it all just CGI? Do we have a president? Or is it a hologram? I mean they don’t even bother to change up!!!! The pic above is obviously the same in all.
    Yeah…overkill can be dangerous. Dont do it.

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