Violent protests in Kiev: Rioters beat up police officers

Published on Jan 19, 2014 by RT


At least 30 law enforcers have been injured and 4 of them are in serious condition as clashes erupt between police and protesters in Kiev. What started as a peaceful demonstration on the city’s Independence Square, or Maidan, with heated anti-government slogans being shouted and the announcement that the opposition was creating a “people’s assembly,” turned into violent clashes with the police later Sunday. READ MORE:


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24 thoughts on “Violent protests in Kiev: Rioters beat up police officers

  1. “Let the good times roll”. I Love it #1. People with batons, hammers, and clubs. These people seem upset about something.

  2. Now thats what I`m talkin` about. Gettin` up close and personal with hammers, clubs, and other unconventional weapons – Geeze, that was great to see them pigs run back to mamma to tug at her panties. That is what we need to be seeing every day here in the U S . Damned – I just may have good dreams on that one tonight. 😉

  3. That’s what happens when people get angry and don’t know who to blame.Too few understand history or economics.They hate Wall street and free markets because they don’t understand that it is only favored corporations who are subsidized and bailed out by government that hurt you economically.The few remaining who can comply with regulation and taxation are the few geese left laying the golden eggs.People who beat up cops,if they “win” the revolution wind up being the cops who themselves deal out beatings.The only force needed is the force of natural law.See to it that natural law is upheld then load the semis and drive the rest of the laws to hell where I can watch the only book burning ever justifiable.

    1. And just exactly WHO do you think is protecting the corporate interests at ANY cost, even your worthless (to them) life?

  4. Now, over-run the cops and go straight for the money-changers.
    Kick them the hell out of your country or kill them.

    Print debt free currency, ukraine.
    Forbid fractional-reserve banking, ukraine.
    Forbid usury, ukraine.
    Forbid personal property tax, ukraine.
    Forbid personal income tax, ukraine.
    Exit the UN, ukraine.
    Forbid dual nationals in government, ukraine.

    Prosper, ukraine.

    Joining the EU and not standing independent equals fail for you, ukraine.


    1. Correction, the above article was very old…and was presented as recent…it’s since disappeared….

      I apologize if this misled anyone.

      Thanks to Brother Nathanael for pointing out my stupidity 😉


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