Vladimir Putin Puts the Halt to US Adoptions of Russian Children, and I Don’t Care

There is a big fuss being made over Russian President Vladimir Putin banning further adoptions of Russian children by Americans.  Putin’s act is said to be in retaliation for the United States passing legislation condemning alleged human rights violations by the Russian government.

In the first place, the American Zionists display a yard of guts in condemning anyone for human rights violations, considering the fact that the Bush regime that committed genocide on the people of Iraq is being harbored and protected here in the United States.

We have seen a lot of coverage on this issue with a thousand US couples whimpering and whining because they will not be allowed to complete their adoptions of Russian children.  This country belongs to all American nationals and I don’t recall giving my permission to take from my grandchildren to give to any other children anywhere in the world.

The people who can afford these international adoptions are well to do and so these foreigners are destined to have a better life than the average American child being raised by working poor parents.

I think back to the video piece showing the little American boy living in a storm drain in Las Vegas with his mother and father.  These were formerly middle class Americans, that is before the great fraud/theft.  This little American boy was standing beside his pregnant mother and talking about how his unborn sibling was going to be better off being adopted out.

When I think of this I become steeled.  Not one more son of a bitch from anywhere in this world is welcome here until our people, the American nationals, have their lives back.  And if these people participating in these international adoptions do not like it, they can go to Russia, become Russians, and adopt as many as they please.

Our country has taken a hard blow and in these trying times ahead we must become hardened and determined to take care of our own.  We are the American nationals of the American race.  United we will stand, and quite frankly until we have secured our own country the rest of the world can go to hell.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

11 thoughts on “Vladimir Putin Puts the Halt to US Adoptions of Russian Children, and I Don’t Care

  1. I have grown tired of these disingenuous white liberals bringing these kids in from all over the world talking about giving them a better life while American children starve and live in crappy foster homes or orphanages and would love a decent family. I really hate liberals.

  2. Cutting off ALL “foreign aid” would be another wise choice. Why the hell are we forced to support other countries while we cannot even support ourselves? Oh yeah, that’s right, it’s called Zionism.

  3. Damn michael moore crowd up in arms about this.

    You claims it’s racist to own guns if you’re white because it’s “racist” and we’re scared of “scary black people” breaking into our house. While his ilk rally around sandy hook but say nothing about all of the inner city children that get killed in chicago.

    Same thing with this adoption crap. They sure do get indignant at this even though they’ll never even try to adopt any child to begin with, except those celebrities who are looking parade around their newly adopted children like a piece of jewelry. False indignation bullshit.

    I think this is great, maybe now they will focus more on the children that need adopting at home.12

  4. I never realized that there was a shortage of adoptable children in the US. Is it because most of them are not quite as white as the Russian kids?

  5. Henry, I think this subject is one of those media hypes to start a whimpering & whining for the “children” causes. More of a Elitists cocktail party status symbol using kids. I side with your becoming “steeled”. I could GAS less about Russia or a bunch of “starving” Ubangie tribe kids. We have several generations of kids right here that are nearly a 90% lost cause simply by “ignoring”. I don’t see “doktors” doing freebie operations here; I do see them shoveling pills worse than a drug dealer. I don’t see Americans adopting one of their own, but see adoption agencies boldly advertising their services of getting a “import” kid (if you got the buck$).

    Call me heartless & uncompassionate, I don’t give a f^ck about other Nation’s kids. I’ll reserve my compassion, charity & protections for those here at home. If you can’t do it here, you sure as hell can’t do it there.

  6. It’s not retaliation. That’s the spin doctors lie. It’s to protect the children from the shit that’s about to go down in the U.S. Remember Obama was caught on an Open mic telling a Russian ambassador that he would have more leeway after his re- election. Maybe Putin is getting ready to send troops for the gun grab.

  7. I actually knew some decent people who adopted two boys from Russia. The reason being, the US bureaucrats have made it so difficult to adopt in this country. They’ve tied everything up in their commie red tape and want people to raise children according to their Marxist values. It’s ironic that Russia has the flat tax while we have this socialist tax code. The Russians have even figured out how the US uses NGO’s and soft powers to push the elitist globalist agenda. I know Russia is one of the global super powers and they aren’t exactly innocent but lately they’ve been looking more like a good guy.

    1. Who would have thought twenty years ago that Pravda would be one of the must visit places for real news.

    2. Name one country other than Israhell whose human rights abuses record looks worse than the U.S.’s. (on a global scale, not internally).

      We haven’t been the ‘good guys’ for some time now, at least not the so-called ‘government’.

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