Was Franklin Roosevelt a Communist?

I have a simpler explanation. FDR’s real name would have been Franklin Delano von Rosenfeld if he had been of German Descent rather than Dutch. He supported Jewish power on Wall Street and Jewish Power in the Soviet Union.

He wanted to give France to Stalin for 20 years. He wanted Stalin to get China and North Korea though these were done after he died.

He let a minimum of 3 million Americans starve to death during the Depression because 1) he did not care about the Gentiles and 2) he did not understand Irving Fisher’s Chicago Plan which would have saved us from the Depression and WW II.  

You can read about the Chicago Plan here:

IMF Economists: ‘We Were Wrong.’ Will Someone Please Tell The Press And The Politicians.

7 thoughts on “Was Franklin Roosevelt a Communist?

  1. He claimed to be a pacifist ……so go figure.
    If you go by his actions, he very well could
    have been a closet red.
    There was a lot of them around back then.

  2. I feel he was a closet red, from what I have read about him, etc. I will say this again, like I always say, you do not get into power unless they want you there. satan tempted Jesus, and said he could have all the kingdoms, Jesus refused, He did not bite the bait. satan is alive and well, he is the prince and power of the air. They all work to enslave us and get us to succomb to their devlish plans so satan can claim our souls. NOT. Never succomb. Never trust anyone in power. Only trust what your heart tells you to.

  3. FDR was a communist jew. If not for him WW2 would have never
    even taken place and the depression would have been over years

  4. In 1944 Major Jordan, more worried than ever, attempted to see the Lend-Lease liaison officer at the State Department but was intercepted by a junior official who told him “Officers who are too officious are likely to find themselves on an island somewhere in the South Seas”. Not long after he was removed from White Falls. His book contains the complete list of Lend-Lease shipments which, as liaison officer, he was able to see and copy. This shows all the chemicals, metals and minerals suitable for use in an atomic pile which were transferred, and some of them may also be suitable for use in the hydrogen bomb; they include beryllium, cadmium, cobalt ore and concentrate (33,600 lbs), cobalt metal and cobalt-bearing scrap (806,941 lbs), uranium metal (2.2 lbs), aluminium tubes
    [365] (12,766,472 lbs), graphite (7,384,482 lbs), thorium, uranium nitrate, oxide and urano-uranic oxide, aluminium and alloys (366,738,204 lbs), aluminium rods (13,744,709 lbs), aluminium plates (124,052,618 lbs),
    brass and bronze ingots and bars (76,545,000 lbs), brass or bronze wire (16,139,702 lbs), brass and bronze plates (536,632,390 lbs), insulated copper wire (399,556,720 lbs), and so on.
    These lists also include the “purely postwar Russian supplies” (General Groves), such as an oil-refinery plant, forging machinery and parts ($53,856,071), lathes, precision boring-machines, canning machinery,
    commercial dairy equipment, sawmill machinery, textile machinery, power machines ($60,313,833), foundry equipment, electric station equipment, telephone instruments and equipment ($32,000,000), generators ($222,020,760), motion picture equipment, radio sets and equipment ($52,072,805), 9,594 railway freight cars, 1,168 steam locomotives $101,075,116), merchant vessels ($123,803,879), motor trucks $508,367,622), and endlessly on.
    Among the major donations obviously intended to strengthen the Soviet Union industrially after the war, Major Jordan’s records include one repair plant for precision instruments ($550,000), two factories for food products ($6,924,000), three gas generating units ($21,390,000), one petroleum refinery with machinery and equipment ($29,050,000), 17 stationary team and three hydro-electric plants ($273,289,000). The Soviet lists reproduced by Major Jordan suggest that a spirit approaching hysteria in giving moved Mr. Hopkins and his associates, for they include items for which no rational explanation can be found, for instance: eyeglasses ($169,806), teeth ($956), 9,126 watches with jewels ($143,922), 6,222 lbs of toilet soap $400 worth of lipsticks, 373 gallons of liquor, $57,444 worth of fishing tackle, $161,046 worth of magic lanterns, $4,352 worth of “fun fair” devices, 13,256 lbs of carbon paper, two “new pianos”, $60,000 worth of musical instruments and (an item which conjures up visions of the “Beloved Leader”, Mr. Roosevelt’s and Mr. Churchill’s “Uncle Joe”), “one pipe”, valued at ten dollars!

  5. The communists, the international bankers, and the Zionists are all one and the same group of criminals.

    Was FDR a “red”? Of course he was. They’re all “reds” or they wouldn’t be allowed to run for office in the first place.

    “Communism” was only the brand name applied to Judaic control of the world in the last generation. Now they call it “globalization”, but it’s the same shite from a different shovel.

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