One thought on “Watch Live: President Trump Speech from Intrepid Museum

  1. I doubt very seriously if the entire broadcast will now show up (many Trenches would not have the patience to watch it anyway…it was boring and infuriating 😉 😀 LOL)
    However, I did watch it (Hubby was watching baseball) and I kept a close eye on the behind the scenes shots. I took a close look at who Chump was smoozing with,while they were doing Tributes (very disrespectful)…I listened to who was introducing and what they said (Boeing, Chevron, Rupert Murdock…), I noticed how the Primeminster’s wife mussed his hair and (lightly) smacked his face (first time I’ve seen him speak w/o Prefect hair), and I saw how (when dinner was served) Melania quickly tasted everything on her plate before exchanging her’s with his,as soon as he was served, then sit back with her her hands in her lap and did not touch (actually Refused to touch) the plate he had been served (reminded me of the slave taste-testers in the Chinese Empire)…
    I didn’t enjoy it but I found it (esp. the behind the scene camera work and inside players) Interesting… 😉
    It showed the elite at work.

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