Watch The Spread of Walmart Across The Country In One Horrifying GIF

Upworthy – by Brandon Weber

When big box stores (I’ll leave it to you to decide just WHICH big-box stores) come to town, they almost always shut down all the mom-and-pop stores in the area they open in. And it’s a pretty simple formula:

1) Move in.

2) Open doors with lower prices than anyone else.  

3) Get employees on welfare and Medicaid because you don’t want to pay well or provide medical insurance.

4) Force smaller shops out of business.

5) Raise prices, because now you’re the only game in town.

6) Rinse, repeat 15 miles down the road.

I’ve heard some say, “capitalism works this way, and great for the owners of [INSERT_BIG_BOX_STORE_HERE] that they’re able to do so well because at least they create jobs.”

To them I say, “At what price?

Note: This map only goes to 2006; it’s much worse now, believe it or not.

16 thoughts on “Watch The Spread of Walmart Across The Country In One Horrifying GIF

  1. That’s the problem in this country anymore. The mom and pop stores are gone in the city’s. What people don’t seem to understand is the mom and pop stores are what built this country. Now it’s all about how cheap you can get it,but it all comes with a price as in getting cheap crap from China that won’t last past taking it out of the package. This is why I do everything I can to stay out of the “BOX STORES”.

    1. Exactly REDHORSE, I hate wal mart, I do not shop there. I did shop at Sam’s when we first started to prep a few years back, but then I quit, I felt guilty. We lived in Brandenburg, KY, in 2004 to 2006, and their city council refused to let Wal Mart in. They knew that if they did, all of their stores would close, it was a small town. I left there in 2006, so I do not know if they have one now or not, I hope not it was a cute town.

      I also try my best not to buy the big brands, like Kraft, Nestle, etc. what they produce is poison, not real food. Farmers Markets, local grocery store that sells the Amy’s organics and other organic small food companies.

  2. What can I buy at Walmart or Target that I can’t buy anywhere else? Nothing. But I did used to shop at Target, a lot, because it seemed cool and cheap and I am a frugal person. Walmart has a terrible vibe!

    However, now I am even more frugal and I make most of my own stuff, and the thrill is gone from any kind of shopping, really. We already have everything we need. Otherwise, grow and make it myself. Use and enjoy what I have. Much more peaceful way to live. For those items I am not able to grow or make, I go out of my way to find a local, small business and get it from them. Now, I know I am lucky to live in a community that still has small, independent businesses. And I make a point of telling my kids and their friends, if they occasionally want to go out for pizza or something, no we are not going to the chain restaurant. We are going to the independent Mom and Pop place, and I tell them why I think that’s important.

  3. Oh Yes, and don`t ya know that there is always atleast one and sometimes 2 banks – like in a town near where I live – within a maybe 1000 feet of walmarts front doors of their store and I guess that they even have a bank in their store to boot as I was told from a friend some time ago as I haven`t been to a walmart in years.
    The only good thing about walmart is that they will leave people with their busses, campers, and motor homes park over night in their parking lot.

    1. digger, that is so true! there is always 18 wheelers, RV’s, etc. parked in Walmart and Sams!! You know what is sad, in Lafayette, where we live, our population with surrounding communities is about 200 to 250,000 people and we have 3 Wal-Marts, 1 Sam’s, 1 Super Target, 3 Lowe’s, 3 Home Depots. The next towns that are not far also have all of these box stores, it is really just sick. There is always a bank inside the Wal-Mart and right outside their door.

  4. I admit when passing a walmart will go in,made in America ammo at a fair price will always pick up a few more boxes,I believe the smalls add up and some things will not take a economic stand against when like many fiscally challenged.I do though support local farmers and when available raw milk in my area,want to keep local growers busy and happy and just usually so much better and really many times cheaper then large store bought foods.

  5. Notice the map above shows NO WALMARTS in the Big Bend area? (Closest are Pecos and Fort Stockton, and both are really small Walmarts that are usually half-stocked). Several years ago Walmart tried to get into Alpine, Texas, which has several “mom and pop” operations plus an Alco and a Dollar Store, and is the home of Sul Ross State U. Alpine City Council said a resounding “NO!” precisely to keep the mom and pop stores busy.

    And let’s not forget that wonderful South Park episode where they kick the suckers out of there…

  6. that map reminds me of those movies where they are predicting the spread of a disease across the country. They are a disease. We stopped wal marting a long time ago. It took us a couple of weeks to find alternate sources for the stuff we need, but it has been great not giving them our money.

  7. There are no mom and pop grocery stores where I live but we do have a farmers market very limited though. Believe it or no Aldiis can beat Walmart on everything. It is mainly groceries but they do have a few other things too at great prices. How they do it I will never know but the savings is there and it adds up to dollars every week.

    1. Yes, I go to Aldis too when I can make it to town.
      I would never buy their meat though unless it was from another supplier. Chicken is good but the Aldis brand meat around my area sucks. Gets thrown out or is dog food every time. Every thing else though is good with great prices.
      Yes Aldis sell a little of everything 😉

      1. Grin and digger, the store Aldi’s ya’ll are talking about, aren’t they from Germany? We lived in Germany from 1990 to 1991, there were Aldi’s everywhere, it was their grocery store. I have lived somewhere here in the states, can’t remember at the moment where that had an Aldi, but here in the Louisiana there are none. Maybe it is a Northern thing, the farthest North that I have ever lived besides Germany is Kentucky. I am just a southerner, after I met Steve and he whisked me away into the army life we were in Louisiana, Germany, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas and Kentucky. No lie, Kentucky is the farthest North that I have ever been, and Fort Hood, Texas, is the farthest West that I have ever been. I have been to DC, gross, school trip in 6th grade, besides that, the South!!

        1. I think you are right about Aldis being originally in Germany. Now I know their american base is in Illinois. Yes they are all over here in the mid west and I guess down to Fl.
          Not a bad place to check out especially to stock up. I know that for about $100.00 I can get 3 – 4 weeks of decent eats. The only way I can afford to eat now days.
          Yes Bone in hams for 9.00 caned veggies and soups 2 for a 1.00 easily. fresh eggs still 1.25 a dozen for large .
          Yes I reccomend them as a place to go for sure.
          I just would not buy the Aldis meat that is packaged under their name – they do sell brand name meats though which I would reccomend. Chicken is good there too. 😉
          Yes, I have even seen clothes and lap tops there even. 🙂

  8. The Interstate Commerce Commission was abolished so this kind of monopoly destruction of our economy could occur.

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