Watercress and Broccoli Found to Kill Cancer Cells Within 24 Hours

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Cruciferous vegetables are some with which it seems people have a love-hate relationship. Either you want to eat them a lot or not at all.

Watercress and Broccoli

It has been shown in recent studies that Watercress and Broccoli (two cruciferous veggies.) can lower the risks of several types of cancer by increasing the amount of antioxidants in one’s blood.  

These veggies are now well known for their anticancer benefits. Watercress (A peppery, green veggie.) has been shown to even protect the body’s DNA from damage.

These two veggies seem to be able to lower the risk of cancer in the colon, breasts, and prostate.

These two veggies also contain glucosinolates those are phytochemicals that produce isothiocyanates, this is what gives the veggies their anticancer effects.

Compounds found in watercress have even been found to be able to shut down the signal that tumors send to tissue in your body, keeping it from growing.

Kill Cancer Stems Within 24 Hours.

Adding to the information already known about watercress nd broccoli. There have been even more recent studies that have made it clear that when the compounds and enzymes found in these veggies are chewed, it produces phenanthryl isothiocyanate (PEITC) is produced. Larger levels of this can provide even more cancer-preventing benefits.

When you go in for chemotherapy you think you’re getting rid of cancer but in all actuality you are just getting rid of the cancer tumor. The cancer stem cells are still the and are still alive. This is why cancer can come back overtime.

Treating cancer stem cells with PEITC has been found to kill almost all of the stem cells left within 24 hours.

Therefore, you may want to try consuming more broccoli and watercress. Ensure that your body gets cancer preventing nutrients it needs!


2 thoughts on “Watercress and Broccoli Found to Kill Cancer Cells Within 24 Hours

  1. I just happen to enjoy watercress whenever I please this time of year. We have a natural spring on our property that watercress grows wild in ice cold water temps. My grandfather, who taught me fishing, bought this land for the spring that’s on it and watercress. Every time we went fishing, we always had a great side dish with watercress. In fact #1, you talked me into it. Watercress is on my menu today.

    1. I love broccoli, Millard, but am fairly unfamiliar with watercress. However, I’m sticking to my one tried and true method – apricot kernels.

      They may not be all that tasty, but they sure as hell work! 😉

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