Weather gods are at it again

Noticed that they started aerosol dispersion on 9/10/17 over N.C and as the rain clouds approach from Irma they start to dissipate. Its still happening today and it should be raining in Raleigh. Why don’t they want it to rain here. Anybody know?  

2 thoughts on “Weather gods are at it again

  1. Too close to DC…. If NC gets it, then it would have to run through West Virginia, then north into Maryland, then into that 10 square mile of the Usurped. Can’t have that….Too many billionaires would be inconvenienced…

    Not to mention too many reactors in that region, they’re not ready to go there yet.

    1. That makes good sense of it. We are getting the early onset weather that you would from a tropical low but the sky definitely doesn’t look like it. Still cant believe that people deny it.

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