Weird Police Activity Moline, IL 09/05/2013

Published on Sep 5, 2013 by Cop Watcher IA-IL

09/05/2013 17:03 Moline, IL,
Between 5th/6th Ave, and 16th/17th St, across the street from the police department.

Officer K. Biggs, other “officers” currently unidentified.

Came out to parking garage after work, noticed a couple guys and a Moline Officer parked in the section below the parking area I was in, the officer was speaking with a woman in a minivan. Didn’t think too much of it, did think it was weird but I was in a hurry. I noticed the officer open the side door of the minivan which I found highly unusual with the driver still in her seat. This prompted me to get my video camera. I walked up to the rail and started recording, almost immediately I was accosted.

At about 1:32 as I am walking to talk to the officer you can hear one of the guys tell her to get the video. That would have gone badly for everyone involved..

Video is complete except the last 18s were removed to keep my plate out of it and nothing happened after the officer walked off.

A frame grab at about the 4:15 showing just the police SUV left and everyone else gone.. Also an aerial view of the parking garage.……

For those arguing that the IL law has not been struck down and could still be enforced I would point to this to suggest your position is likely flawed:…

5 thoughts on “Weird Police Activity Moline, IL 09/05/2013

  1. Female cop: “I need to see an ID please.”

    Later on she says, “I didn’t demand an ID. I asked you for an ID. That’s all I asked.”


    That female cop walked like a man and was pacing around like she had to take a shit. (see her at the 1:35 mark) It’s hilarious. Hey girl, the bathrooms that way! lol

  2. Very brave of the videographer. They keep telling us that if we’re doing nothing wrong then we have nothing to worry about but look how they react when someone watches them.

    We need to repeal the Patriot Act, people!

  3. Good that this guy stood his ground.
    The more people that do stand their ground,
    the more control we take from them.

    That’s a move for more freedom.


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