2 thoughts on “Wesley Clark: “Our friends and allies funded ISIS to destroy Hezbollah”

  1. IN military circles this little creep is known as “The Perfumed Prince”. This creep almost started World War 3 with Russia in that monstrous act of agression on Serbia. Remember? Russia sent troops to Prestina Aerodrome and put a stick in the spokes stopping the the US advance. The move was telling US government “Thats Enough! No Further! Back off or else ……”.

    People have to understand that Russians are Europeans. They will react the same as you would when they see something bad happening on their doorstep. ISIS has already murdered a Russian General in Syria, and they stood there and took it.

    This whole thing they are doing trying to start a war in russia is the bolster support for a congress and president that are widely REVILED!!! We are on a cusp of a civil war and they know they can’t win that, because they are within our arms reach and we are better armed. We’d chew them to pieces. Russia is essentially buying us time with putting up with this crap. Russians don’t want war. They want business. They are totally capitalists. Its us that have become the “Red Storm Rising”.

    lAs for Clark? That POS is a BLOOD TRAITOR to the republic, and a mass murderer. His actions Will determine his faite I’d predict.

  2. The reporter asks what will happen with ISIS after they get rid of Assad, meaning won’t we have to fight ISIS then?

    But the weasel (Wesley Clark) pretends to misinterpret that statement by pretending she meant what will we do with Syria after Assad is done. Then he doesn’t even answer that question because he leaves it to “politics”, meaning he wants to go to war with no clear goal (which basically violate every military standard, procedure and plan for going to war) and just to attack a country and to get rid of Assad.

    Basically, he knows what the goal is but he can’t say, “Well our global, Zionist elites want Assad out of the way in order to install a Central bank and then to invade Russia and Iran.”

    I mean how hard was that Wesley? What’s wrong with telling the truth? It’s not like no one knows or anything. 🙄


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